Is Kita Updike Trans? Sexuality And Gender Revealed

The Horror of Dolores Roach – A dark comedy series is releasing on July 7, 2023, and the actors are busy promoting the series. Meanwhile, there is gossip regarding the Dolers actress, and people are questioning, Is Kita Updike Trans?

African-American actress Kita Updike is popular for her performance in The Misandrists and Dispatch from Elsewhere.

Her passion for acting and her dedication to entertainment have made Kita dominant in the entertainment industry. Updike has played different roles in several movies, making her sharp and fluent in the creative industry.

Kita is also popular for her theatre and stage plays and has worked with several popular companies. She has shared stages associated with The Public Theater, Eugine O’Neil Theater Center, LAByrinth Theater Company, and Women’s Project Theater.

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Is Kita Updike Trans?

Yes, the Misandrits actress Kita Updile is transgender, open, and proud about it.

On a podcast, Kita Updike talked about transitioning from male to female at a very young age, and her entertainment career is also directed along with it.

She added that her role selection in any project is also based on character orientation.

In the initial phase of her career, fans considered Kita as a straight actress of African descent who was working hard to establish herself in the entertainment industry. 

Gradually, when Kita began to be seen in queer cinema as the character associated with the LGBTQ character, people started to ask, Is Kita Updike tras?

As the answer to all bombarded questions, Kita directed the positive response and stated that she is a trans actress.

Kita Updike Trans
Kita Updike is a transgender actress who is ruling over the entertainment industry. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, her characters in the movie also represent the queer community. In the Canadian movie, The Misandrists, Kita portrayed the character of Isolde– a queer girl trying to adjust to societal norms.

The actress disclosed that the sole reason to choose the role is the character traits. Kita mentioned that within her also, another Isolde resides, and being a transgirl, she knows the struggle of finding a place amongst fellow women.

Thus, she is perfect among others to play the character of Isolde.

Kita Updike Sexuality And Gender Revealed

Kita Updike identified herself as Transgender and used pronouns- she, her, and hers.

Although, Kita has not disclosed her birth name and details. In her interviews, she mentioned that she changed her gender to female from male.

She was born in the United States and is from an Afro-American heritage, and thanks to her supportive parents, Kita feels secure in coming out of the closet.

In her late teenage at around seventeen-eighteen, Kita disclosed her sexual orientation to her parents, and they were open to it and accepted their daughter as she was.

Being a transgender artist is not anyone’s tea in the entertainment industry. They have to face numerous backlash and negative comments from people worldwide.

However, Kita is confident in herself and has been involved in the awareness campaign of the LGBTQ community for a long period.

Updike was part of the Pride panel alongside Shakina– an American queer tv personality in the 2017 Pride parade organized by Playbill magazine.

Kita Updike Trans
Kita Updike is involved in several pride parades and panels to discuss trans rights. (Source: Twitter)

On her Instagram account, also Kita posts pictures and stories about the fight of the LGBTQ community for recognition in society.

Kita Updike’s confidence and her faith in herself have made her an aspiring actress in the American entertainment industry.

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