Lacey Lamar Husband: Who Is Amber Ruffin Sister Married To?

Making a name for herself as an author, people have gotten curious about Lacey’s life as well. In this article get to know Lacey Lamar husband and personal life.

Lacey Lamar is an accomplished author and the older sister of famous comedian Amber Ruffin.

Born in 1975, Lacey Lamar is renowned for co-writing the critically acclaimed book “You’ll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey: Crazy Stories about Racism.”

This compelling work, co-authored by Lacey and her sister Amber, has achieved significant recognition, earning a spot on the New York Times Best Seller list. The book offers readers some thought-provoking stories about racism.

Through her writing, Lacey Lamar has become an influential personality in discussions related to racial injustice and various awareness campaigns.

Her other book “The World Record Book of Racist Stories” have also resonated with readers worldwide, providing her popularity. She has also appeared on shows like Celebrity Family Feud and Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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Lacey Lamar Husband: Who Is Amber Ruffin Sister Married To?

While Lamar’s professional accomplishments and presence, because of her addressing racism are widely recognized, her personal life has often remained private.

However, in a recent Instagram post, Lacey shared a photo with a playful caption mentioning her “new husband,” EL DeBarge, sparking curiosity among her fans.

Most people are asking ‘is he really her husband?’

Lacey Lamar Husband
Lacey Lamar has sparked rumors about her husband with her post. (Source: Instagram)

The Instagram post caused speculation and interest regarding her personal life. Many fans eagerly waited for confirmation about her alleged marriage.

They are even stalking DeBarge’s social media for confirmation of the news.

However, it is important to note that there has been no official confirmation or public statement regarding Lacey’s relationship status or her marriage to EL DeBarge.

Given Lacey’s wit and sense of humor, it is highly likely that she posted the caption as a lighthearted joke, intending to entertain her followers.

While Lacey’s sister Amber has been married to Jan Schiltmeijer, given Lacey’s knack for clever wordplay, her social media posts can just be a reflection of her humorous personality. 

So, until and unless Lacey or Amber posts official wedding pictures or confirmation pictures, all we can do is play a guessing game on who is Lacey Lamar’s husband and look at Amber’s existing wedding pictures with her husband.

Moreover, Lacey’s past dating history is also in the dark. She prefers to keep most of her details private, and her dating life has also always been under the wrap. 

Lacey Lamar Family Background

As people have loved both Lacey and Amber for their wit and charm, it has also made them curious about their other family members.

According to The People, along with their three siblings, Ruffin and Lamar were raised in Omaha. Their parents, Theresa and James Lamar, both born in 1943, are Air Force veterans who operated a large daycare center.

More details about their parents however have not been revealed. Nevertheless, they have been supporting their children from backstage.

Lacey Lamar husband
Lacey and Amber share a very close bond. (Source: Instagram)

The sister’s book reveals that the daycare center was ultimately forced to close due to interference from a government worker showing antagonistic behavior.

The sisters say that throughout their upbringing, their parents instilled in them the necessary skills to navigate the racism they encountered on a regular basis.

That might be the reason both Lacey and Amber have been able to voice out against blatant racism.

Lacey is a wonderful sibling to three sisters and a brother. However, the details about Lacey’s siblings other than Amber have not been made public.

Regardless they have been a strong support system for each other.

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