Meet Michael Guillen Wife Laurel Guillen: Kids And Family

In light of recent events with a Submarine that went to look for Titanic remains, Michael who made a trip to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in a submersible twenty years ago is trending again. In this article get to know Michael Guillen wife and family.

As Oceangate’s submersible, on an expedition to make it to the Titanic’s ruins with Billionaire, has lost all contact and is officially missing, Michael Guillen, who made a similar journey twenty years ago, is on the news again, explaining his experience of the journey.

Michael completed his undergraduate education at UCLA, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and mathematics, and went on to study further at Cornell University.

He earned a Master of Science degree in experimental physics and went on to complete a 3D Ph.D. encompassing physics, mathematics, and astronomy.

Recognizing his contributions, the University of Maryland and Pepperdine University both awarded him honorary doctorates.

Transitioning into the world of media and journalism,  he became an Emmy-winning TV reporter on ABC News.

He went on a remarkable expedition to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean in a submersible with her, and he remembers the journey as sickening.

Learn more about Michael Gullien’s wife, kids, and family below.

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Meet Michael Guillen Wife Laurel Guillen

As interesting as his life has been, people are also interested to learn about Michael Guillen’s wife, Laurel’s life and background. As a partner to such an intellect, Laurel has also made a name for herself.

Michael Guillen wife
Michael Guillen’s wife can be seen attending many events with him. (Source: Instagram)

A graduate of Cornell University, this multi-faceted individual has a background in radio, newspaper, and television journalism.

Throughout her career, Laurel has showcased her love for medieval tales.

Married to Michael since 1991, Laurel Guillen’s partnership with him played a pivotal role in the production of the award-winning family movie Little Red Wagon.

In addition to her involvement in the film industry, Laurel has also ventured into writing, sharing her thoughts and experiences through her blog, “God and Gardening,” which can be found on her Facebook page. She is an avid gardener as well.

One of her notable works, A Bellwether Christmas‘, draws inspiration from a transformative trip to Italy and years of caring for farm animals.

This book highlights Laurel’s skill at storytelling, incorporating real-life experiences.

However, other than the fact that she is the daughter of a nurse, as indicated by her Facebook post, little about her parents or upbringing is known.

Michael Guillen Kids And Family

Similarly, everyone is wondering about Michael’s upbringing and his parents. The fact that he was provided with a comfortable environment in which to grow up and learn has surely helped him reach this impressive height in his career.

Laurel’s father-in-law was a successful criminal attorney, even though he had a rough childhood, as per his Facebook post.

So, we can guess that Michael’s father created a good life for his family, supported by his wife, for Michael to flourish on.

Michael Guillen wife
Michael Guillen once made a trip to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. (Source: Twitter)

However, not much is known about his mother. His parents have lived a life out of the limelight, maintaining their privacy while supporting their children from behind the scenes.

Additionally, Laurel’s husband Michael’s grandparents from his paternal side are Delia and Rev. Dr. Miguel GuillĂ©n, whom he was named after. He had multiple uncles, aunts, and cousins he grew up with, with whom he constantly shared pictures on social media.

Moreover, Laurel and Michael have a son together. However, his son’s name, age, and any other life updates are not available to the public.

Also, no one knows if the couple has any other children or not. Regardless, they are a loving Christian family.

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