Is Macin Smith Found In 2023? Missing Case Update

Is Macin Smith found in 2023? Has he returned to his hometown after almost eight years of missing?

On September 1, 2015, St. George town was stunned by the news of the missing teen Macin Smith.

The seventeen years old boy left his home early in the morning and headed to the path of his school. His parents believed that he was going to school as usual.

However, things took negative turns when the boy did not return home that evening.

His parents and the locals of the town started the search mission immediately and the expedition is still going on for the boy in the hope that Macin will return home one day.

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Is Macin Smith Found In 2023?

It has been over eight years since the disappearance of the local teenager from St. George, United States. But, the boy is nowhere to be found.

In the initial days after his missing multiple sightings were reported but there have never been any confirmed sightings of Machin.

Now, people have slowly detached interest and time in the case of Smith missing and have started to speculate that Macin will never come now.

Whereas, his parents Darrin and Tracy still hope that their son will return home and give them a warm hug. However, it is still unknown if Macin Smith is alive or will ever return to St. George.

Macin Smith Found
Macin Smith’s parents are still trying their best in the search for their son. (Source: gephardtdaily)

Many people have raised various estimations regarding Macin’s missing. The most negative one includes his death and the positive ones conclude that the boy is living his life far away from the town forgetting his family and past.

Macin was struggling with depression for several years and he was heavily bullied in his new school, thus, he was alone in his house and school. So, it might be that Macin ran away from his home and life to start a new far beyond his hometown.

Another opinion presents that he might have been dead of various unexpected misfortune.

Whatever, the reason and speculation the conclusion is the same that Macin Smith is nowhere to be found even in 2023.

Macin Smith Missing Case Update

1 September 2015 had been a black day for the Smith family because their beloved son went missing after he left his home at 7:40 am which was primarily the walk to the school.

Macin was incredibly reserved, and quiet and social anxiety was a daily struggle for him. In 2013, his struggle with depression had reached the breaking point. 

Then, he had once attempted to end his own life and was hospitalized for about a week afterward. In early 2015 also he had once attempted suicide but was interrupted by his mother. So, people have conjectured that Macin might have planned to end his life far away from home.

Macin Smith Found
Macin Smith has been missing since September 2015 and still there is not any news of him. (Source: abc4)

The family could not get in contact with the boy because he had left all his belongings including his phone and wallet in his home.

In the evening when he did not return from school, his parents immediately turn the telephone to the police and the search mission begin.

A week later the disappearance, Macin’s parents discover a note inside the wallet and the words of the letter indicated that the teen was intended to harm him.

Still in 2023, the investigation and search are going on, however, not a single piece of information has been acquired yet.

No one had ever imagined that the search mission would be this long. Now, the question and answer of Macin’s disappearance lie in two conditions- ‘Life or Death’.

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