Madalina Doroftei Wikipedia And Età: How Old Is The Model?

Madalina Doroftei is the companion of Alessandro Egger. Get insights on Madalina Doroftei Wikipedia And Età from this article.

Madalina is famous for being the girlfriend of Alessandro Egger. Male model and Actor Alessandro Egger is of Italian and Serbian descent.

In the teen Drama situation comedy The Band, he is recognized as Nick. Since starting his career, Egger has been a regular fixture at Dolce & Gabbana fashion shows.

Egger has worked in movies like Shades of Truth with Christopher Lambert and Giancarlo Giannini and television shows like Un Medico in Famiglia with Lino Banfi throughout his acting career.

He participated in 2017’s Pechino Express, an adventure game presented by Costantino della Gherardesca.

The model has a girlfriend named Madalina Doroftei. Let us learn about Actor Alessandro’s girlfriend, Madalina Doroftei’s wikipedia and age details from this article.

Madalina Doroftei Wikipedia: Is Alessandro Doroftei On The Famous Encyclopedia?

No, Madalina Doroftei does not have a Wikipedia page. Alessando’s girlfriend is yet to be included on the official page of Wikipedia.

Like her partner, the charming Madalina is of Albanian descent and has a lengthy modeling resume.

Doroftei, who also had a minor role in Ridley Scott’s film House of Gucci on her portfolio, stated that Egger’s insatiable romanticism initially won her over and made him willing to do anything for her.

Madalina Doroftei Wikipedia
Madalina Doroftei started her modeling career at the age of 14. (Source: Messaggaro)

When she was only 14, a talent scout invited her to write her first book after noticing her at an event.

This led to her making her debut in the fashion industry. From this point forward, she would have numerous satisfactions.

She earned her engineering degree and was the featured model in the world’s highest fashion show, which took place on Mount Everest at a height of 5,600 meters.

Madalina even made it into the Guinness Book of Records. She has a sizable social media following thanks to her undeniable appeal; specifically, she has over 28,000 followers on Instagram.

She frequently posts pictures from her vacations and photo shoots. Madalina discloses another significant facet of her current profession on the well-known social media platform.

Her influencer also co-founded a commercial real estate firm, Brick MI Up Real estate management.

Madalina Doroftei Eta: How Old Is The Model?

Alessandro Doroftei’s girlfriend, Madalina Doroftei, was born to her parents in 1995. As a result, Madalina is 29 years old as of 2024.

However, the details of her parents have not been revealed to the media or the public.

Madalina Doroftei Eta
Model Madalina Doroftei. (Source: Antena 3 CNN)

Madalina’s career almost thankfully starts because of a beauty contest she won when she was 14 years old.

Thanks to the high school beauty pageant, she was found by a small Romanian agency. The young woman succeeds in making a name for herself in the fashion industry in her nation.

She starts working as a model for well-known companies like Nike, Levis, and Nero Giardini.

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Madalina Doroftei And Alessandro Doroftei Relationship Timeline

The Actor and “Dancing with the Stars” runner-up Alessandro Egger and Madalina have a love-and-respect-only bond.

Because he loves her so much, Egger made the almost 3,000-mile journey only to spend a few hours with her.

They don’t allow their connection to interfere with their professionalism, though, when they’re working together.

The notion of professionalism is applied at work, according to Doroftei, who added that they don’t act like boyfriends there. The woman with talent, grit, and beauty is Madalina Doroftei.

She is undoubtedly a significant player in the Italian and international entertainment industries thanks to her excellent career and relationship with Alessandro Egger.

Over ten years into their engagement, Egger and Doroftei have not yet been wed and have not given birth to any children. However, in 2020, Egger proposed to her.

In one of the interviews, Madalina said, “At work, we don’t act like boyfriends; the principle of professionalism applies, so much so that many people don’t even realize we are engaged.”

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