Softball: Madeline Grant Mother Julia And Father John Grant, Family

Who are Madeline Grant Mother Julia Grant, and Father John Grant? Discover more about the personal life and family details of the softball player.

Madeline Grant was on the American Softball roster for Northwest Nazarene University club and has played several tournaments representing her college in 2015.

She is from Silverton, in Marion County, Oregon, United States. She went to Silverton High School as it is near to her house, and she enjoys her hometown environment.

During her high school era, Madeline was famous for her softball skills and was also the leader of her school team.

When she played for the university, her team was set to compete in Great Northeast Athletic Conference (GNAC).

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Madeline Grant Mother Julia Grant And Father John Grant

According to the official webpage of Northwest Nazarene University, Madeline’s father, John Grant, and her mother, Julia Grant, support their children.

In an interview with the university broadcast authority, Madeline mentioned that her parents are always caring and accepting towards her and her siblings.

They run a small-scale business based in Silverton City and care for their children. 

Madeline Grant has had a passion and interest in games and sports since childhood, and her parents admitted her to the nearby sports academy to learn skills and techniques to play softball professionally.

Besides softball, Madeline likes snowboarding; her family usually spends time together in the snow field, enjoying the vacation.

Furthermore, Madeline graduated with a degree in Social Work from the university. 

Nowadays, Madeline Grant does not seem to be associated with games and sports. Therefore, people have speculated that she might have pursued her career in the Social work field. 

Madeline Grant Mother
Madeline Grant’s parents spend a good time with their children and friend. (Source: Instagram)

Her parents love her either way, whether she is a professional softball player or a professional social worker.

Madeline Grant had a responsible and great guardian in her university- her coach Wagner. He is a great coach who propels the players and encourages them.

Wagner assists the softball team in putting good practice together and holds up to high standards. He was like a second parent to the players who were always there to support the girls for their better performances.

Madeline Grant Siblings And Family Relations

Madeline shares her childhood moment with her four siblings- three brothers, Adam, Spencer, and Calvin Grant and twin sister Abigail Grant.

Madeline’s sister Abigail was also a student at Northwest Nazarene University, it is a Christian university.

As the Grant family follows Christianity, Madeline and Abigail prefer a Christian university, which is also reasonably close to the house.

Abigail was also part of the university athlete team, but she could not give continuity to it because of personal reasons.

Madeline Grant’s family and her personal life are so secretive that we could not find the social media handles of her and her family members except her younger brother Spencer.

Madeline Grant Mother
Madeline Grant spends her holiday and leisure time with her parents and siblings. (Source: Instagram)

However, his Instagram account consists of only four posts in two years. From Spencer Grant’s media tab, we learned he is also a baseball player for his high school.

Similarly, as per her interview on her University page, Madeline Grant’s eldest brother is the father of a beautiful daughter born in 2015.

Although we could not trace the present scenario of Grant’s life, we are assured that she is enjoying her life with her family and friends.

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