Madison Holton Siblings: Brother John Michael Holton

Meet Madison Holton Siblings and discover about his disturbed family after the brutal murder of his parents. Madison himself was the main suspect in his father and mother’s death.

In September 2016, 17-year-old Jesse Madison Holton was accused of shooting his parents. He was arrested and remained in custody for one year and three months.

He was released on bond on December 18, 2017, and his accusation case was dropped in late 2018.

Notably, Madison was accused of killing his parents. He denied all the allegations and claimed that his father killed his mother initially and then committed suicide.

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Madison Holton Siblings: Brother John Michael Holton

Jesse Madison was the elder son of his parents, Michael “Mike” Holton and April Holton. The family was residing in Eclectic, Alabama.

Madison had three siblings John Michael, Hayden, and Kyle Holton. Out of the three brothers, his first younger brother John Michael Holton was found dead on September 1, 2016, inside his house. 

The authority confirmed that the reason for his death was suicide, but the reason for the suicide is not known.

When Mike and April Holton died, Madison’s little brothers Hayden and Kyle were yet to reach ten years old.

They were the most troubled when their parents disappeared and their elder brother was jailed. Hayden and Kyle might be in profound trauma.

Hayden Holton is a football player for his college and represents Elmore County in national football. In an interview at a high school tournament, he once mentioned that he is still in trouble and trauma because of what happened in his family seven years ago.

Madison Holton Siblings
Madison Holton’s brother Hayden is part of the football team of his town. (Source: Al)

However, Madison’s brother Hayden is in the process of overcoming his tragedy with work. He has enlisted in the Navy as an official for Alabama Shore.

He took basic training in 2020 summer and planned to make the military his career choice.

Similarly, Jesse Madision’s Youngest brother Kyle Holton is now a graduate of the university and living his simple life.

There is not much information regarding Kyle, but one thing is assured he is moving forward in his life, and he might be disturbed by his distorted family history time and again.

Jesse Madison Holton Case: Where Is He Now?

Jesse Holton was charged with murdering his parents at their home in Electic, Alabama, in September 2016. He was arrested after one of the neighbors reported the sound of gunshots and people screaming in his house in Madison.

Jesse’s father, Mike, the town’s former mayor, was found dead at the scene with a gunshot wound in his head. 

Similarly, the mother, April, died in the hospital the following day of catastrophe.

The case was complicated because there was no single witness at Madison. The major suspect had made a similar statement time and again.

Madison Holton Siblings
Madison Holton’s parent’s murder case is still a mystery and the culprit is yet to be claimed. (Source: Dailymail)

Jesse Madison claimed that his father, Mike shot his mother at first and then killed himself. Thus, this incident was the act of his father.

Now, Madison Holton is living a life with a deep heart wound. With the help of his uncle Michael Evas, he has started to lead a normal life.

Evas was with Jesse when he was having a hard time in prison, and he tried his best to prove Jesse innocent.

With Autauga News, Jesse Madison Holton stated that he cannot do anything about the past but has control of his future. Therefore, he will live his life freely and kindly, associating with helping others and becoming a good person.

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