Martha Stewart Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Daughter, TV Shows, Instagram

There are only a handful of other women who are as prominent and well-recognized as Martha Stewart. In addition, from TV shows, cookbooks, businesses, there is nothing that Stewart hasn’t covered. Therefore, today let’s get to know Martha more, including Martha Stewart Net Worth, Age, Personal Life, Career, etc.

Martha Stewart Net Worth

Stewart, a Living Legend!

Stewart has gained worldwide superstardom by engaging in many ventures. In addition, Martha has been successful in whatever ventures she’s put her hands in. Therefore, this former model is also a triumphant businesswoman, TV personality, and writer as well.

Similarly, it can be said that Stewart has conquered the worlds of broadcasting, publishing, e-commerce, as well as merchandising. So Martha is also a living example for all the ladies out there that they can achieve big things in life if they aim for it and act accordingly.

Martha Stewart Biography :


Full Name
 Martha Helen Kostyra
Age  79 Years
Birth Date  August 3, 1941 
Marital/Relationship Status  Previously Married
Children  1
 Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.
Ethnicity  Polish
Profession  Businesswoman / Writer / TV Personality / Model
Nationality  American
Martha Stewart Net Worth  Estimated to be around at $400 Million Dollars
Height 1.76 meters
Hair Type  Blonde
Horoscope  Leo

Getting to Know Martha

Martha Helen Kostyra is a Jersey girl born in Jersey City of New Jersey, U.S. She was born to mother Martha Ruszkowski Kostyra and father, Edward Kostyra. In addition, both of her parents had a Polish lineage.

Similarly, Martha was the second of her parents’ six children. At just ten years old, Kostyra began working as a babysitter for some New York Yankees stars like Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra.

After that, beautiful young Martha also began modeling since she was just 15. She appeared in some notable advertisements, TV commercials, and magazines.

Martha Stewart Net Worth

Martha is a very Good Cook

Martha was a bright young lady eager to learn new things and got involved in many ECA activities. Similarly, Kostyra learned cooking from her mum, gardening from her dad, and canning from her grandparents.

For her studies, Martha attended Nutley High School and Barnard College. It was during its time she pursued modeling to pay for college. Above all, she even met her future husband, Andrew Stewart, during this period.

Martha Stewart Age & Height

Kostyra was born on the 3rd of August in 1941. Therefore, this mature lady is 79 years of age today. Above all, despite all her success over the years, Martha still seems to want more!

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Stewart is a beautiful lady, and her beauty and charm shines everywhere despite her mature years. Therefore, Martha is a perfect face for the entertainment industry and also stands at a delightful 1.76 meters.

Martha Stewart TV Shows & Career

This strong-willed and determined lady has simply done it all. Starting out becoming a stockbroker and running a catering business, she later spread her hands in publishing.

Pretty soon, after shining as a talented chef and a great host, Stewart’s demand skyrocketed. Bestselling cookbooks, shows, merchandises, and e-commerce are all the sectors she’s been successful in with her work.

Martha Stewart Net Worth

How much is Martha Stewart Net Worth???

Above all, to this day, Martha is a busy lady who is still involved in many projects. The Martha Stewart Show, Martha Stewart’s Cooking School, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, From Martha’s Kitchen, and Martha Knows Best are some of her hit shows.

Similarly, Stewart also appears in hit shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show from time to time, and even has her own website. However, it hasn’t been all plain sailing for this successful lady.

After being convicted of stock-related charges, Martha even spent five months behind bars in 2005. Many thought this tragic event would bring an end to her growing empire.

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However, Stewart came back stronger and proved all the doubters wrong. Above all, Martha has also earned a hefty fortune from her legendary career. Continue reading to find out about Martha Stewart’s net worth.

Martha Stewart Daughter, Husband & Personal Life

Martha married Andrew Stewart in 1961. Together, they even have a beautiful daughter named Alexis. However, they got divorced in 1990 after separating in 1987.

After that, Stewart has dated high profile names such as actor Anthony Hopkins and billionaire Charles Simonyi. In addition, Martha broke up with Hopkins as she was unable to associate him with the character of Hannibal Lecter. Similarly, she was on and off with Simonyi for 15 years.

Similarly, Martha is also a big pet lover and has dogs, Himalayan cats, a pony, and Friesian horses. In addition, Stewart has also stopped wearing fur since her daughter Alexis told her about the issue.

Martha Stewart Net Worth

Being one of the biggest names out there, Stewart’s net worth is also believed to be in hundreds of millions. Today, Martha Stewart is believed to have a net worth of around $400 million dollars. Above all, at one point, it was also believed to be around a staggering $638 million.

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