Meet Darian Jarrott Wife Alycia Jarrott And Children: Family Details

As the new harrowing footage of his death has resurfaced, people have been wondering about late Officer Darian Jarrott wife and family. 

Jarrott, a diligent police officer, tragically lost his life on February 4, 2021, in a devastating incident that unfolded on Interstate 10.

The incident was captured on Jarrott’s body camera footage, providing crucial evidence of the events that took place. 

He was fatally shot by Omar Cueva, who was rumored to have a potential connection to drug trafficking.

It is believed that federal agencies had been monitoring Cueva’s activities and suspected him of engaging in the transportation of methamphetamine and fentanyl across the border.

The New Mexico State Police formulated a team consisting of a medical unit and tactical personnel and were strategically stationed along Interstate 10 between Las Cruces and Deming to ambush and surround Cueva. But the plan resulted in Jarrott’s tragic death, shocking everyone.

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Meet Darian Jarrott Wife Alycia Jarrott

It is true that Darian’s death has left the whole community shocked and grieving. While society seems to have moved on from the loss, people still worry about his wife from time to time.

Darian had previously been married to a woman named Gabriella. She was born on December 22, although the year was not specified.

Gabriella is currently residing in Carlsbad, New Mexico. While the details of her marriage with Darian have not been revealed, the couple separated years ago.

Despite the separation, they were in contact with each other to parent their two sons together. They have a respectful relationship between them.

A woman with strong resilience, Gabriella has been dealing with his loss with the solace of her family and friends.

Gabriella is currently representing the late Jarrott and has now taken action in the form of a civil lawsuit against the New Mexico State Police.

Darian Jarrott wife
Darian Jarrott’s wife has been seeking justice for her husband’s death. (Source: Facebook)

In her complaint, filed in June 2021 and prepared by her attorney, Sam Bregman, she alleges that the actions of the state police led to the wrongful death of Darian, who was also the father of their children.

Recent developments have brought significant attention to the case. According to the Las Cruces Sun News, in January, Gabriella, under the guidance of Bregman, filed 12 notices of deposition, indicating a compelling case.

One of the key individuals they seek to interview under oath is Sgt. Mark Madrid, who played a notable role as a police administrator.

Madrid was involved in instructing Jarrott to pull over Omar Cueva, the individual responsible for the fatal shooting.

It is also worth noting that Darian, at the time of his death, was together with Alycia, who has served as a detention officer herself since 2018.

Her personal connection to law enforcement surely has added perspective to their pursuit of closure in this legal battle. She was born and brought up in Lordsburg.

According to the Abq Journal, Alycia and Darian Jarrott were engaged. While Alycia writes Darian’s surname, she explains her connection with Darian as “love at first sight.” 

Darian Jarrott Children And Family Details

Darian, the son of Jarrott and Gloria Jarrott, grew up in a close-knit family. The Jarrott name became well-known within their community thanks to the tragic circumstances surrounding Jarrott’s untimely death and the subsequent legal proceedings.

The diligent officer eventually started a family of his own. He had been married to Gabriella, and together they welcomed two sons, Noah and Darian Jr., into their lives.

Darian Jarrott wife
Darian Jarrott is survived by his four children. (Source: Facebook)

He previously had a daughter named Ariella outside of his marriage with Gabriella. The mother of Ariella is not well known.

Moreover, Alycia was also pregnant at the time of Jarrott’s death. She gave birth to his fourth child in August 2021. However, the baby girl’s name has not been revealed.

The death of such a brave and loving police officer and father has left a void in everyone’s life. We can only hope for him to get justice so that his soul can rest in peace.

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