90 Day Fiance: Meisha Johnson Husband And Two Teenage Daughters

After airing the episodes of 90 Day Fiance season six, the audience is more curious about Meisha Johnson Husband and her daughters. Get to know Meisha personally and how she is as a family person.

American television personality Meisha Johnson has worked in the news, commercial, and entertainment industries.

Meisha is now the regular cast of the 90 Day Fiance– a dating American reality show.

Before the 90 Days, Meisha Johnson was a News reporter and anchor for FOX and CBS News. Meisha usually covered the on-air traffic news based on the channel Philadelphia. 

Notably, Johnson has starred in notable movies and tv shows, including Ultimate Redemption, Skinned, Cold Feet, and 13 Hours in a Warehouse.

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Meisha Johnson Husband: Is She Married To Nicola Kanaan?

Right now, Meisha Johnson is not bound to a marital relationship. However, she is in talks with her Israeli boyfriend, Nicola Kanaan.

Meisha and Nicola met in the spiritual journey associated with Pastoral care in the church. In the first met, Nicola’s faith in Catholic ideologies makes Meisha in awe.

She referred to him as a “Jesus Boy.” The couple has been claimed since then, and it has been seven years since they started meeting virtually and staying faithful to each other.

Meisha Johnson Husband
Meisha Johnson is planning to be engaged with Nicolas soon after the show. (Source: soapdirt)

42 years old Meisha Johnson is captivated by 47 Nicola. His catholic values, faith, beliefs, and practice draw Johnson closer to him.

Further progress in their relationship is yet to be observed, and the 90 days fiance show is the link that assists viewers to have a close look at their personal life. Furthermore, Meisha Johnson usually uploads updates to her Instagram account.

This is not the first time that Meisha is together with a guy. In March 2023, she was rumored to be in a relationship with Lenny Dykstra, the former American professional baseball player.

However, it was claimed as a mere rumor when Lenny denied all the online spread statements.

Meisha Johnson Family And Two Daughters

Meisha was born in Minnesota, United States, in the influential family of Meisha Phoebe Jean Johnson. Her mother, Dian, was a ballet dancer, and her father, Dwaine, was a boxer and a theatre artist. 

Her parents are of Swedish descent. They had migrated to America for their family enhancement.

At 22, during her university days, Meisha fell in love with a foreign exchange Swedish student. Then, she got married to him and moved to Sweden.

Their love and affection bloomed in the form of a family. The couple had two daughters, Morea, born in 2004, and younger Svea, born in 2006.

Eventually, Meisha and her Swedish husband separated, and she returned to America with her two adorable daughters.

Meisha is an incredible mother. She provided her best in her career and profession. Similarly, she was excellent in her role as mother and father.

Meisha Johnson Husband
Meisha Johnson is a responsible mother to her two daughters. (Source: Youtube)

Johnson nourishes all the affection and time to her daughter, and now they are grown as a sweet and obedient daughter towards their mother.

The present relationship between Nicola and Meisha has drawn viewers’ interest in Morea and Seva.

Meisha Johnson’s daughters are also concerned about their mother’s new relationships and getting married, and they support Meisha in her new chapter of life.

Fans of Meisha and 90 Days’ audience hope for a sweet union and get-together of Nicola- Meisha’s husband-to-be and her teenage daughters.

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