Meet Norman Pang Wife Maggie Lau: Kids And Family

Norman Pang wife Maggie Lau provides unwavering support and is consistently by his side as he strives to progress in his career.

Norman Pang, widely regarded as the “legend of the life insurance industry” in Malaysia, hails from Kuala Lumpur and comes from a modest family background.

Initially starting his career as a part-time air conditioner technician and door-to-door salesman, Norman faced numerous challenges including an unstable income, countless rejections, stagnant career progression, and long working hours.

At the age of 20, he ventured into the insurance industry, hoping to find better opportunities. However, Norman encountered difficulties in growing his business.

In 2004, he made a significant move by joining Allianz, a well-known insurance company. Determined to succeed, Norman established the Norman Pang Group (NPG) in 2006, assembling a team of 35 agents.

With unwavering dedication and hard work, NPG soon became Malaysia’s fastest-growing and most productive life insurance agency, a remarkable accomplishment.

Furthermore, NPG Agency achieved an exceptional feat by clinching the title of Consecutive Champion of Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad for twelve consecutive years, from 2009 to 2020.

This remarkable streak signifies their consistent excellence and outstanding performance in the insurance industry.

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Meet Norman Pang Wife Maggie Lau

Maggie Lau, the wife of Norman Pang, is not a widely known or popular figure in Malaysia. She received limited media coverage, which has kept her out of the public eye.

While not much information is available about her, Norman Pang often shares pictures of himself with Maggie Lau on social media platforms.

In 2018, Norman Pang and Maggie Lau celebrated their 20th marriage anniversary, which was commemorated through a video posted on Facebook. The couple attended a party organized by Mr. Norman to mark this special occasion.

Norman Pang Wife
Norman Pang’s wife Maggie Lau (Source: Instagram)

Although Maggie Lau has a presence on Instagram and Facebook, she is not very active on these platforms.

According to her bio, Maggie Lau works for her husband’s insurance company, suggesting that she is involved in the same industry. While details about her personal life are limited, she and Norman Pang appear to have a strong and happy marriage.

Despite the lack of extensive information about Maggie Lau, their relationship and the celebrations of their anniversaries indicate that they enjoy a fulfilling life together.

Norman Pang’s journey from humble beginnings to building a highly successful insurance agency serves as an inspiration, showcasing the power of perseverance, hard work, and determination in overcoming challenges and achieving remarkable success.

Norman Pang Kids And Family

Norman Pang has kept his kids and family life private, and there is limited information available about them in the public domain. He has chosen not to discuss them publicly, and there is no media coverage or official details about his family.

On his Instagram account @normanpang668, Norman frequently shares photos, often mentioning his family members and expressing the enjoyment he has spending time with them.

However, he has not revealed any specific information about their private lives.

Norman Pang Wife
Norman Pang posted a photo of his 101-year-old mother-in-law (Source: Instagram)

In a May 20, 2023 post, Norman shared a picture featuring his wife and mother-in-law, emphasizing their significance to him.

He mentioned that his mother-in-law is 101 years old, highlighting their special bond. Despite the limited information available, Norman Pang appears to maintain a strong and loving relationship with his family.

Due to the lack of public information, the details regarding Norman Pang’s kids and family remain undisclosed. Evidently, he values their presence in his life, but the privacy they maintain reflects their choice to lead a private and non-publicized lifestyle.

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