Michael Urie Siblings: Meet His Sister Laura Urie

Michael Urie siblings: The accomplished actor known for his remarkable talent has a sibling equally as intriguing—meet his sister, Laura Urie.

Michael Urie is a renowned American actor celebrated for his role as Marc St. James in the popular ABC comedy-drama series Ugly Betty.

Similarly, Urie can also be recognized as the voice behind the character Bobby Kerns in the original podcast soap opera, As the Curtain Rises.

His outstanding talent in classical theater was acknowledged when he was honored with the prestigious 2002 John Houseman Prize for Excellence in Classical Theatre by the Juilliard School.

In 2009, Michael Urie openly embraced his identity as a member of the LGBT community through a declaration on his website.

In a candid 2010 interview with The Advocate, he shared that he was in a same-sex relationship and identified himself as queer.

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Michael Urie Siblings: Introducing His Sister Laura Urie

Michael Urie, a renowned actor known for his talent and charisma, shares a special bond with his sister, Laura Urie.

However, unlike her brother, Laura prefers to lead a life away from the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

While Michael’s life is often in the public eye due to his successful career in acting, specific details about Laura’s personal and professional life are relatively elusive.

One notable aspect of Michael Urie’s approach to his public persona is his discretion when it comes to his family.

He has maintained a sense of privacy regarding his loved ones, including his sister Laura.

This discretion might be seen as a way of respecting their desire for a low-key life away from the prying eyes of the media.

Michael Urie Siblings
Michael Urie Siblings: His sister Laura Urie lives a private lifestyle. (Source: Twitter)

Despite the lack of detailed information about Laura Urie, it is evident that the sibling duo shares a warm and loving relationship.

In 2015, Michael took to Twitter to celebrate Siblings Day, a day dedicated to honoring the special bond between brothers and sisters.

In his tweet, he expressed his affection for his sister, writing, “Happy siblings day to my awesome sis Laura. Or as I would’ve referred to her when this was taken: ‘Wawa.'”

This heartfelt message shows Michael’s affectionate nickname for Laura, suggesting a close and endearing relationship between the siblings.

While the public may not know much about Laura Urie, it’s clear that she holds a special place in her brother’s heart.

Their bond remains a cherished part of his life, even during his successful career in the entertainment industry.

More About Michael Urie Family

Michael Urie, born on August 8, 1980, in Dallas, Harris County, Texas, is the son of Paul Michael Urie and Mary Frances Bonazzi.

Although he was born in Houston, he spent his formative years in Plano.

Michael’s heritage is a blend of Scottish and Italian roots, which adds an interesting cultural dimension to his background.

On his mother’s side, Michael’s lineage can be traced to Lorenzo Thomas Bonazzi and Frances Nasso.

Like his sister Laura, Michael’s parents have chosen to lead lives away from the hustle and bustle of the entertainment industry, opting for a more private existence.

Michael Urie Siblings
Michael Urie’s accomplishments are undoubtedly a source of pride for his parents. (Source: Instagram)

While information about his paternal grandparents is less readily available, they were likely Robert Marvin Urie and Anne Gower.

Despite his relatively young age, Michael Urie has achieved remarkable success in the world of entertainment.

He has become a versatile actor, engaging presenter, talented director, and proficient producer.

His accomplishments are undoubtedly a source of pride for his parents, who have supported him throughout his journey.

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