Is Michelle Buteau Pregnant In 2023? Husband And Twin Babies

Many are curious to know about the renowned American stand-up comedian actress and host pregnancy and her husband. Let’s find out the answer, Is Michelle Buteau Pregnant in 2023? 

Mitchelle Buteau is a famous stand-up comedian, actress,  TV, and podcast host who was born on the 24th of July in 1997.

Mitchelle started her comedy career in 2001 and has already built a rock-solid reputation in the comedy field; people admire her comic timing and great sense of humor.

During her initial days, she had to struggle, but eventually, after 5 years, she was able to make a TV appearance as a stand-up comedian on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend.

Additionally, Comedy Central viewers praised the comedian’s performance, which helped her become very well-known and launch a successful comedic career.

Also, in 2018, she became a host of Late Night Whenever! podcast, also named “one of the best podcasts of 2018 so far” by the popular magazine Time.

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Is Michelle Buteau Pregnant In 2023?

Mitchelle Buteau is not pregnant in 2023. Moreover, she was diagnosed with Prolactinoma which prevented her from having a baby.

The TV host always wanted to have kids, but her body didn’t support her. Being a woman and not able to give birth to a baby was a heartbreaking moment for her.

However, she had already gone through over five rounds of in vitro fertilization and four miscarriages later. She had become exhausted and worn out at that time as she was trying hard to be pregnant.

Michelle Buteau Pregnant
Michelle Buteau having a lovely mother time with her children. (Source: Instagram)

At last, the comedian decided to go through a surrogacy procedure, and she was blessed with twins.

Moreover, Mitchelle had a promising career in acting as she appeared in several movies including, Isn’t it Romantic, Always Be My Maybe, and Someone Great in 2018.

Furthermore, she was entitled by the famous magazine Esquire as one of the comedians to watch in 2017. She also won a Critic’s Choice Television Award for Best Comedy Special in 2021.

Michelle Buteau Husband And Twin Babies

Michelle Buteau is a famous TV host best known for hosting a reality Television show on Netflix, popularly known as The Circle. Moreover, the star comedian tied the knot with Gijs Van der Most in 2019.

The famous TV host’s husband is a Dutch photographer and they both welcomed their twins, a boy and a girl, Otis and Hazel van der Most in January 2019 with the help of surrogacy.

Michelle Buteau Pregnant
Michelle Buteau celebrating the 11 years anniversary with her husband and kids. (Source: Instagram)

Before surrogacy, Michelle was struggling to be pregnant and was becoming hopeless with every try. However, she had her husband back who would always cheer her up and motivate her.

Also, the couple had to go through three hours of drive-away just to visit their surrogacy agent in Pennsylvania as it was illegal to go through surrogacy in New York unless they are related. They were all ready to sell their house just to be able to afford the surrogacy procedure.

Moreover, the lovely pair have gone through a lot but never gave up hope, and as of 2024, their twin babies are already 5 years old.

Michelle Buteau Parents

The famous movie star Michelle Buteau was born to her parents in New Jersey, US. Her father was the descendant of a Haitian, partially Lebanese whereas her mother was Jamaican of half-french descent.

However, there is no factual and reliable information available on the internet about the details of the comedian’s parents.

Michelle Buteau Pregnant
Michelle Buteau shared an old picture of her mom holding her. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the parents of the prominent actress might prefer not to share their personal life on the media and maintain their privacy.

Also, the proficient TV host enrolled in a college at the Florida International University where she was thinking of having career in journalism before changing to comedy.

Michelle’s parents supported her and always encouraged her to pursue a career in whatever she liked the most. In addition, her mother had also helped her financially during the surrogacy.

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