Mike Johnson Children: Meet Son Jack & Will And Daughter Hannah & Abigail

Who are Mike Johnson children? Discover Mike Johnson’s family details and his details.

James Michael ‘Mike’ Johnson is an American politician serving as the 56th United States House of Representatives speaker since 25 October 2023.

Mike is a member of the republican party and has represented Louisiana’s 4th congressional district since 2017. Mike Johnson started his professional journey in 2003 as a senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund.

Then, he entered the political realm in 2015 when he founded Freedom Guard, a non-profit legal ministry designed to represent Christian clients in lawsuits.

Now, as the politician is in the representative position of the US government, people are interested to know about Mike Johnson children and his family details.

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Mike Johnson Children: Son Jack And Will Johnson

U.S. politician Mike Johnson married Kelly Lary in 1999 and has four children: two sons and two daughters.

He is a father of sons Jack and Will Johnson. Mike’s elder son Jack is eighteen years old boy as of 2023.

Jack is a high school student who recently earned the title of ‘governor’ of his class at Louisiana Boys State. 

Mike Johnson child, Jack Johnson, is passionate about sports and music. He is the Louisiana Boys State football team player and has an interest in baseball.

Similarly, he is a prominent musician for the juniors. Jack often teaches guitar lessons to his juniors and newbies for the music.

Moreover, Jack Johnson is also interested in horse riding and has participated in several horse riding championships.

Mike Johnson Children
Mike Johnson Children: Elder son Jack and younger son Mike Johnson. (Source: Facebook)

On the other hand, Mike Johnson child, Will Johnson, the youngest of the four children, and the younger son. He is twelve years old in 2023 and is a middle school student.

Like his elder brother, Will enjoys baseball and is an aspiring artist.

Father Will Johnson often shares the pictures that Will drew on his social media, and the images depict Will’s potential in art.

Despite being a political personality of America, Mike’s love for his children as a father is incredible.

Mike Johnson Children: Daughter Hannah, And Abigail Johnson

Apart from the sons, Mike Johnson and his wife, Kelly Lary, are parents to two gorgeous daughters, Hannah and Abigail Johnson.

Hannah is the eldest daughter and child of the family. She has become a talented and competent lady.

Following her father’s footsteps, Hannah is pursuing her career in law and is currently in her second year of law school at Louisiana State University Law School.

Mike Johnson Children
Mike Johnson Children: Elder daughter Hannah and younger daughter Abigail Johnson. (Source: Facebook)

Similarly, the younger daughter, Abigail Johnson, turned twenty-one years old in 2023 and is also on the path toward a legal career. Abigail is in her senior year at Louisiana Tech.

Mike Johnson children have an intensely low profile on their social media. Their social media are not known to the public, and the details that are known are from their parent’s media handles.

Mike Johnson children are seen together with their father, Mike, and their mother, Kelly, in several social activities and programs. They are well-behaved in public and polite.

Mike Johnson Children: Adopted Son Michael Johnson

Besides their biological kids, Mike Johnson and his wife, Kelly Lary, are parents to one adopted son, Michael.

The couple took care of Michael when he was just fourteen years old. Michael is an African-American kid. When Mike and Kelly were a newlywed couple, they took custody of Michael and made him part of the family.

At present, Mike Johnson’s adopted son, Michael, is rarely mentioned and has little public appearance but is living a good life with his family.

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