Mike Bickle And Son Luke Bickle Affair With Same Woman: IHOPKC Wife

Despite denying accusations of harassment and incorrect women names in documents given to the ELT, Luke Bickle affair news has been sensational.

Mike Bickle, the founder of the International House of Prayer Kansas City (IHOPKC), has been accused of concealing his son’s affair with the wife of a department head.

Former high-ranking IHOPKC leaders released videos bringing these accusations to light. The accusations against Bickle go beyond this specific incident.

The videos expose allegations of manipulation, coercion, threats, and intimidation by Bickle to suppress the truth and protect his son’s actions.

Ex-ELT member Wes Martin highlights that the exposure intends to unveil a leader ready to deceive, coerce, and intimidate to safeguard his position and conceal secrets.

Fifteen former IHOPKC executive leaders, collectively known as the “advocate group” (AG), previously accused him of clergy sexual abuse with multiple women over several decades.

Three explosive videos were released in response to the AG’s claims, addressing allegations of wrongful identification and harassment of five individuals as victims of Bickle’s abuse.

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Luke Bickle Affair With Same Woman

There are allegations that Mike Bickle was involved in “very questionable interactions” with a woman for six years before Luke had an affair with the same woman.

According to Briggs, the woman’s husband, who testified in a 50-page document presented to IHOPKC’s ELT, is considered a victim, much like the other Jane Does.

Chisholm mentioned that the husband sought help arranging a meeting between him, his wife, and Mike Bickle.

Luke Bickle Affair
Mike Bickle is accused of having a relationship with the IHOPKC Department Head’s Wife (Source: The Boys Report)

However, Bickle declined the three-person meeting and met with Chisholm one-on-one.

About six months ago, Chisholm discovered that the affair between Luke Bickle and the woman was ongoing.

In a letter to Bickle and the ELT, Chisholm described a “no talk” culture at IHOP, expressing concerns about the lack of communication on issues known only to Bickle and Greaves.

According to Chisholm, this culture resembles dysfunctional families that avoid discussing problems.

During this time, Briggs discovered the department head’s marital issues but initially didn’t know they were connected to the alleged affair involving Luke Bickle.

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Mike Bickle And Son Luke Bickle: IHOPKC Wife

Former IHOPKC leaders allege that Luke Bickle, the son of Mike Bickle, was involved in an adulterous affair.

There are claims that his father and IHOPKC Executive Director Stuart Greaves conspired to cover up the years-long indiscretion.

To gather more information, The Roys Report (TRR) sought comments from Greaves, Mike Bickle, and Luke Bickle but received no response.

Additionally, TRR reached out to the husband of the woman involved in the alleged affair, but he did not provide any comments.

Efforts to contact the woman involved have been unsuccessful through previous Facebook attempts and recent social media and email outreach.

Luke Bickle Affair
Mike Bickle (left) pictured with his son, Luke Bickle (Source: Julie Roys)

The videos of Mike Bickle address allegations made by IHOPKC worship leader and former ELT member Misty Edwards.

She claimed that the AG had conspired to undermine Bickle before any knowledge of the alleged victims surfaced.

The AG members clarified that they intended to address internal matters when they learned of Bickle’s misconduct.

However, their concerns were met with responses from Bickle and other IHOPKC leaders that deepened their apprehensions, ultimately prompting them to expose the situation.

The overarching goal, as stated by AG member Wes Martin, is to expose the wickedness within the church.

He emphasizes that this revelation is not driven by conspiracy but by a desire to eliminate the concealed rot within the church when such actions are not exposed.

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