Mohsen Radjai Wikipedia Bio And Age: Family Herkunft (Origin)

While Mohsen Radjai’s credibility and dedication as a doctor have garnered him a dedicated fan base, his life remains a subject of curiosity. Get to know Mohsen Radjai Wikipedia through this article.

Dr. Mohsen Radjai is a specialist in internal medicine, general medicine, sports medicine, chirotherapy, and classic acupuncture in a group practice in Cologne, Nippes, Germany.

Since January 2010, he has been pausing his practice and holding consultation hours in the Moma studio for the early morning sessions.

With his extensive medical knowledge, athletic abilities, and diverse interests, Dr. Mohsen Radjai is a well-rounded specialist in internal and general medicine, dedicated to providing excellent care to his patients.

Moreover, Dr. Radjai’s charismatic personality and unwavering dedication to his work have earned him a reputation as one of the most visited doctors in his area, with his influence extending nationwide. Patients are drawn to his warm and compassionate demeanor, finding solace in his ability to connect with them on a personal level.

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Learn About Mohsen Radjai Wikipedia Bio And Age

Born with a name that signifies doing good in Farsi, it seems fitting that Dr. Radjai chose a career in the medical field. Unfortunately, details about his birth date are not readily available.

After completing his secondary education, Dr. Radjai pursued his passion for medicine by studying human medicine at the prestigious University of Cologne from 1990 to 1997. During this time, he acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to become an expert in internal and general medicine.

Mohsen Radjai Wikipedia
Mohsen Radjai posing during an interview. (Source:

While Dr. Radjai is deeply committed to his profession, he also maintains a well-rounded and active lifestyle. In his free time, he engages in various athletic activities such as jogging, skiing, fitness, and kite surfing.

According to, his dedication to physical fitness and martial arts began at a young age when he started practicing judo and achieved a black belt. Aside from his athletic pursuits, Dr. Radjai appreciates the more leisurely aspects of life.

He has a passion for travel and enjoys exploring new places. Additionally, he is fond of good food, savoring the culinary delights that different cultures offer.

It is worth noting that Dr. Radjai’s versatility extends beyond the medical field. His IMDb profile suggests his involvement in shows or movies, further highlighting his diverse interests and talents. He also has a few books published under his name.

Family Herkunft (Origin) Of Dr. Radjai

Wonderful Dr. Mohsen Radjai was born into a culturally rich family in the beautiful city of Graz, Austria. In 1970, his family made the bold decision to relocate to Leverkusen, Germany, seeking new opportunities.

His highly educated father held a doctorate in political science from the prestigious University of Graz. While not much information is available about his mother.

Mohsen Radjai Wikipedia
Mohsen Radjai posing with a fellow doctor, presenting his book. (Source: Facebook)

Upon their arrival in Leverkusen, his parents opened a captivating shop on the banks of the Rhine, where they dedicated themselves to the trade of exquisite oriental carpets.

With their combined expertise and passion for craftsmanship, they successfully ran the business for an impressive span of 30 years.

Growing up in such an environment, Dr. Radjai developed an appreciation for art, culture, and the meticulous intricacies of traditional craftsmanship.

The vibrant colors, patterns, and history woven into each carpet left a lasting impression on him, shaping his perspective on beauty and attention to detail.

Driven by his parents’ entrepreneurial spirit and his desire to make a difference in people’s lives, Dr. Radjai embarked on a journey to pursue a medical career.

Through his medical practice, whose details are available on his website, he carries forward his family’s legacy of making a positive impact on others.

Unfortunately, the public knowledge about his family background is very limited. However, his upbringing, steeped in a blend of cultural heritage and entrepreneurial drive, has instilled in him a unique perspective that combines compassion, precision, and a commitment to improving the well-being of his patients.

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