New York Jets Richard Caster Wife Susan Caster- Family And Children

Delve into the New York Jets Richard Caster wife and kids’ details as netizens are curious to now about it amid his death news. 

After playing thirteen seasons in the National Football League (NFL), mostly with the New York Jets, Richard C. Caster, an American, was a wide receiver and tight end.

Following his performances in 1972, 1974, and 1975, he was chosen for the Pro Bowl. He attended Jackson State University to play collegiate football.

During his NFL career, Caster—a 1970 second-round selection by the Jets out of Jackson State—caught 322 catches for 5,515 yards and 45 touchdowns.

Joe Namath became a favorite target of Caster after he played for New York for his first eight seasons.

Coach Weeb Ewbank originally had a 6-foot-5, 228-pound Caster as a wide receiver when he first entered the league.

However, due to his stature and quickness, Caster was eventually moved to tight end. Let’s get into the article to learn more about Richard Caster wife and his kids.

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New York Jets Richard Caster Wife Susan Caster: Kids

Richard Caster was married to his wife Susan Caster. Richard and Susan have sons Richard J. Caster, Max Caster, and Sean Caster; daughters Shannon Myla and Alona Nicole; and five grandchildren too.

Max is an All Elite Wrestling-signed professional wrestler. Richard Caster wife and kids are devastated by his death.

Caster, who currently resides on Long Island with his spouse Susan, used to enjoy his retirement by going to the gym and playing golf.

Richard Caster Wife
Richard Caster was an American former professional football player. (Source: Chat Sports)

They also make time to enjoy their family, being the grandparents of two and parents of three sons.

Caster also finds time to give back by volunteering for the March of Dimes and serving on the board of the Joe Namath Foundation, which distributes funding to organizations that support neurological research and children’s charities.

In addition, he was a board member of the Long Island Head Injury Association.

The non-profit organization’s goal is to help survivors of traumatic brain injuries reach their full potential.

Family Mourns The Loss Of Richard Caster

Richard Caster, a former tight end and wide receiver for the New York Jets, passed away. During his 13-year NFL career, Caster was selected for three Pro Bowls. His age was 75.

After a protracted illness, Caster passed away peacefully in his sleep on Friday morning in Long Island, New York, according to family representative Kenny Zore.

During his NFL career, Caster—a 1970 second-round selection by the Jets out of Jackson State—caught 322 catches for 5,515 yards and 45 touchdowns.

Caster told the Jets website that he is most pleased with himself for being able to play for as long as he did, finishing with 13 years in the league during a time when the career average was significantly lower than 13.

Richard Caster Wife
Rest in peace, Richard Caster. (Source: USA Today)

He believed it was around two and a half years when he first came in.

He took great pride in his ability to remain talented enough to be signed and traded late in his career to still be useful to a few organizations.

Beyond the realm of sports, Richard Caster’s legacy embodies a dedication to service. Sports in the nation have been permanently impacted by his influence on the NBA.

Although this great sports hero’s passing signifies the end of an era, his achievements will live on in the rich legacy of the NBA and the New York Jets.

The country laments the passing of a man who not only saw historical events but also actively influenced them, leaving a legacy that will last for many years.

May god give Jets Richard Caster wife and kids the strength to bear this tragic pain.

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