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Nolan Gould, the name we are pretty familiar with, in fact, we could not imagine someone as Luke Dunphy in the American hit series, Modern Family. And inevitably, the young actor brought laughter every week.

But did you know Nolan is a genius? Not just your average genius but despite his dud character on-screen Gould is a member of Mensa with an IQ of 150. Shocking? Well, there is more to Nolan than we know. So, let’s take this time to go through his life right this minute.

Nolan Gould age
Nolan Gould, 21, American Actor

Scroll down to get more information on his personal as well as professional life such as his acting career, college, dating, and many more.

Nolan Gould: Quick Facts

Full Name Nolan Gould
Age 21 years
Birth Date October 28, 1998
Horoscope Scorpio
Place of Birth New York City, New York, US
Nationality American
Father’s Name Edwin Gould
Mother’s Name Angela Gould
Height 5 feet 10 inches(178 cm)
Weight 75 kgs(165 lbs)
Marital Status Single
Profession Actor
Active years 2007-present
Known for: Modern Family
Net Worth: $12 million
Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Nolan Gould talks about the ending of Modern Family

Since its airing in 2009 to its last episode on April 8, 2020, Modern Family managed to spark laughter. We have seen the cast grow and get closer as the show progressed. One of the significant change has to be Nolan Gould who played the character of Luke Dunphy.

Likewise, we and the fans saw him grow right in front of our eyes. The youngest member of the show is now 21 years old, and he is ready to welcome the new chapter of his career soon.

Nolan Gould Modern Family
Modern Family ‘The Dunphy Family’

In an interview with Elite Daily, Nolan expressed his mixed feelings regarding the ending of the show. He shared,

“It was definitely bittersweet in a lot of different ways. On the other hand, you’re ready for things to end; you want to be able to move on to other things. But at the same time, so much love and work went into making our show that emotions running very high the last couple days.”

Finally, the ten years show came to an end with its series finale on April 8. While some fans expressed satisfaction over the ending, some could do nothing but feel sad about the ending. (Don’t worry guys, we are not going to spoil it for you!)

To this Noal commented,

“It’s a hard thing to do, wrap up 11 years of storylines and comedy and emotion and satisfy every single person. And I think we went the right route.”

You can watch the season 11 trailer right here.

Professional Career: Growing Up as Luke Dunphy in Modern Family

As we all know Nolan Gould rose to stardom thanks to his work in the hit American sitcom Modern Family. Since the beginning of the show, the young Gould portrayed the role of Luke Dunphy, son of Phil played by Ty Burrell and Claire played by Julie Bowen.

Moreover, the young actor starred alongside other prominent actors like Ed O’Neil, Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, Jesse Tyler, Eric Stonestreet, and many others.

Nolan Gould Luke Dunphy
Nolan Gould as Luke Dunphy

It is safe to say that along with Nolan, the other casts of the show also saw an inclination in their acting career.

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Despite being known for Modern Family, it is not the only show that Nolan has appeared on. Active from the age of three, Nolan first started his career from commercials. From then on, the young Gould nurtured his acting skills and as we have witnessed for all these years, grown into a fine actor.

Likewise, Gould’s first on-screen appearance was from the 2007 movie The McPassion followed by Waiting Room. Apart from these some of his other acting works include Space Buddies(2009), Good Luck Charlie(2010), Friends With Benefits(2012), Ghoul(2012), The To Do List(2013), Whose Line Is It Anyway? (2014), Hell’s Kitchen(2016), and few others.

Back in 2017, he also appeared in the music video of Logic titled “1-800-273-8255.”

How Old Is Nolan Gould?- Age and Height

From sweet little Luke to the caring college student, Nolan has grown right before our eyes. Before we know it, the actor has already turned 21 years old. Born on October 28, 1998, Gould was born under the sign of Scorpio. And it turns out this sign is known for being mysterious, alluring, and intelligent all at the same time.

Throughout the years, Nolan has shed those baby fats and now dons on the chiselled and more pronounced jawlines. True to the statement, the actor has turned into a fine lad who has many fans around the world.

Nolan Gould height
Nolan Gould flaunting his toned physique

Aside from his looks, Gould has got well-built physique. Standing at 5 feet 10 inches(178 cm), the Modern Family actor weighs around 75 kg(165 lbs). As we have witnessed on the show during many occasions, Nolan does possess a toned body.

Moreover, he has got those pair of dark brown eyes and curly soft dark brown hair which you can’t help but want to caress.

Did Nolan Gould Go To College?-Early Life and Education

Now leaning more towards his childhood, Nolan was born to his parents, Edwin Gould and Angela Gould in New York City, the United States of America. Along with his parents, Gould has an older brother named Aidan Gould who is also an actor,

Gould father was in the military due to which his family moved to Phenix City, Alabama, shortly after his birth. When Nolan turned five, their family again moved to California.

Nolan Gould Career
Nolan Gould for VULKAN Magazine

As for his education, the actor addressed that he was accepted by the University of Southern California back in 2017. Many might not know this, but the actor is a genius. Despite the dud character he plays on the show, Nolan is smarter than anyone on the show.

Likewise, in The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Gould confessed that he has an IQ of 150.

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Moreover, Nolan is also a member of Mensa. He accelerated ten grades in school when he was just 12 and a year later, the young actor took a General Educational Development(GED) test.

What Is Nolan Gould Net Worth?- Salary and Income

As of 2020, Nolan Gould has a whopping net worth of $12 million. No surprise considering how successful the show is not only in states but around the world. Everyone loves his character of Luke Dunphy.

Nolan Gould IQ
Nolan Gould has an IQ of 150

After establishing himself as an actor, Nolan has come across many work opportunities which turned out to be successful as well. Most of his movies have grossed over a million at the box office.

However, to this date, the young actor has not disclosed his income and salary from his acting career.

Personal Life and Dating- Is Nolan Gould Dating Anyone?

Since we have seen Nolan grow right before our eyes, many have kept their eyes open concerning his personal life. Well, he is already an adult, so, most people assume that ‘Modern Family’ actor might be dating by now.

However, that could not be far from the truth. As of now, it is stated that the 21-year-old actor is, in fact, single at the moment and focusing on his career.

Nolan Gould dating
Nolan Gould and Ariel Winter

Even though he cleared the issue about dating, it did not stop people from spreading rumours. Back in 2015, young Nolan was rumoured to be dating another young actress Joey King which turned out to be nothing but a hoax.

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Just when the issue was dying out, many claimed him to be dating someone else. This time they thought, Gould was dating his on-screen sister and co-star from the show, Ariel Winter is also known as the older sister of Luke, Alex Dunphy. But this time too, it was nothing but a baseless rumour.

Social Media Presence

Instagram-  1.1 million Followers

Twitter–  324.4k Followers

Facebook–  13.2k Followers


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