Odd Drevland Wikipedia And Age: Meet Kjæreste (Girlfriend) Trude Drevland

Embarking on a journey through Odd Drevland Wikipedia biography reveals a narrative marked by significant professional heights and profound personal lows.

Odd Drevland, once regarded as one of Bergen’s most eminent lawyers, has experienced a marked shift in his professional narrative.

Known for his significant influence in the legal sphere, Drevland’s prominence was underscored by his standing as a high-profile celebrity lawyer, catering to a diverse clientele.

Drevland was found guilty of 59 illegal withdrawals from client accounts, a finding that has significantly marred his legal career.

Drevland’s journey from prominence to judicial sentencing represents a significant shift, reinforcing that no individual, regardless of their status, is exempt from the due process of law.

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Odd Drevland Wikipedia and Age

There are no exact details of Odd Drevland’s birthdate. His current age remains undisclosed, his life and career have taken notable twists and turns, particularly after an incident in 2015.

A former celebrated lawyer, Drevland’s reputation and mental health underwent a significant test due to a pivotal moment in his life.

In 2015, Odd Drevland was found guilty of a severe financial crime, embezzling a sum of NOK 2.9 million.

This conviction marked a drastic shift in his life and was a significant blow to his legal career, which until then had been highly respected.

The experience led him down a path of mental turmoil, the burden of which, as Drevland has confessed, has shadowed him constantly.

Struggling with his mental health post-conviction, Drevland has openly discussed the magnitude of his despair, even contemplating suicide.

Odd Drevland Wikipedia
Odd Drevland was imprisoned for two years and ten months after the Supreme Court rejected his appeal against the Court of Appeal’s verdict. (Source: BA)

In a candid revelation in a podcast, he shared that he had considered ending his life by jumping from the seventh floor. However, he has since found a path to recovery and betterment.

Today, Drevland describes his current state as one of greater peace and self-improvement.

Despite his trials and tribulations following his conviction, he believes he has emerged as a better person.

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Meet Odd Drevland Kjæreste (Girlfriend) Trude Drevland

Odd Drevland is married to Trude Drevland, who is a notable figure in her own right. Trude is a former politician affiliated with the Conservative Party and served as the mayor of Bergen from 2011 to 2015.

Odd and Trude’s relationship, much like their individual lives, has not been without its share of controversy and intrigue.

In 2015, Trude Drevland found herself at the center of a significant ” cruise case ” scandal.

This was based on her acceptance of a private plane trip to Venice in June 2015 to partake in the launch of the cruise ship “Viking Star.”

This event was sponsored by the cruise ship owner, Torstein Hagen. Following this, Trude was also offered a cruise from Istanbul on the same ship, an offer she later declined.

Odd Drevland Wikipedia
Odd Drevland with his wife Trude Drevland. (Source: Nettavisen)

Despite declining the personal godmother gift, Trude’s initial acceptance of the Venice trip attracted criticism and legal scrutiny. The shipping company went on to donate half a million kroner to rust prevention measures in Bergen municipality instead. 

However, in December 2016, the state attorney dropped the charges against Drevland, Hagen, and the port director, effectively closing the case.

Despite the tumultuous period during the ‘cruise case,’ Trude and Odd Drevland continue to stand by each other, demonstrating their resilience in facing public and legal scrutiny.

There are not many details regarding their relationship in public. They have chosen to keep this very private. 

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