Ox_Zung Real Name Is Seo Won Joeng: Age And Wikipedia

Ox_Zung Real Name is Seo Won Jeong. Explore the life and journey of the renowned TikTok star, shedding light on the person behind the online persona.

In a shocking turn of events, renowned TikToker Won Jeong, also known as Ox_Zung, has found himself at the center of controversy.

SBS News reported his recent arrest on alleged charges of sexual assault, a development that has sent shockwaves through his massive following of 55.6 million on TikTok.

Ox_Zung gained international recognition as the “Mama Guy” for his viral videos recreating content with a distinctive shout of “Mama!”

The arrest follows an anonymous report received by SBS, unveiling a disturbing incident involving Ox_Zung and a friend during a night out with a female companion.

The once-celebrated content creator now faces legal proceedings, marking a stark contrast to his earlier fame.

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Ox_Zung Real Name Is Seo Won Joeng, Wikipedia

Seo Won Jeong, widely known by his stage name Ox_Zung, has made a significant mark as a Korean content creator, showcasing his talent through lip-syncing, singing videos, and various viral content on TikTok.

Born on November 20, 1996, in South Korea, under the zodiac sign Scorpio, Seo pursued his passion for music from a young age.

Graduating with a major in Audio Engineering from Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts, he subsequently ventured into the corporate world before taking a unique path.

Post-college, Seo worked in a prestigious Korean company before shifting gears to join the Military Band.

This chapter in his life allowed him to not only contribute to musical performances but also showcase his singing abilities.

Known by various monikers like Won Jeong, CEO of Mama, WJ, and Mama Guy, Seo, or Ox_Zung, stands out not only for his entertaining TikTok content but also for his occasional foray into the music scene.

Ox_Zung Real Name and wiki
 Seo Won Jeong goes online by the name Ox_Zung or Mama Guy. Online (Image Source: Facebook)

Beyond his professional endeavors, Seo’s interests include fitness, singing, traveling, spending time with friends, and playing video games.

His dedication to fitness aligns with his vibrant online persona and resonates with his followers.

As a TikTok star and singer, Ox_Zung has carved a niche for himself, captivating audiences with his creativity and musical prowess.

While Seo Won Jeong’s journey includes corporate experiences and military service, his true passion for music shines through in his social media presence.

The multifaceted entertainer continues to make waves, and his journey unfolds as a testament to the diverse paths that influencers navigate in the digital age.

Ox_Zung Age 2024: How Old Is The Content Creator?

As of 2023, Ox_Zung, born on November 20, 1996, is currently 27 years old.

The Korean content creator has gained widespread recognition for his engaging TikTok content and occasional ventures into the music scene.

Standing at a height of 172 cm (5’6″) and weighing 70 kg (154 lbs), Ox_Zung possesses a physique that complements his energetic and dynamic online presence.

In terms of physical attributes, his black hair and eyes contribute to his distinct appearance, enhancing the charisma that resonates with his massive following.

Delving into specifics, his body measurements are listed at 38-32-15 inches, encompassing a bust size of 38 inches, a waist size of 32 inches, and arms measuring 15 inches in circumference.

Ox_Zung Age
Ox_Zung the popular TikTok content creator is age 27 as of 2023. (Image Source: Facebook)

Such details provide insight into the meticulous care Ox_Zung invests in maintaining a well-rounded and visually appealing physique, aligning with the aesthetic demands of his content creation.

Additionally, his shoe size is reported to be 9 in the US, offering a glimpse into the practical aspects of his daily life.

The numerical representation of his shoe size adds a personal touch, highlighting the tangible details that fans often find intriguing.

As Ox_Zung navigates his late twenties, the combination of his age, physical attributes, and dynamic online presence underscores his versatility and relatability.

Beyond the digital realm, these details contribute to the holistic image of Seo Won Jeong, portraying him not only as a content creator and singer but also as an individual with a unique and well-defined physical presence.

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