HGTV Poonam Moore Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Designer?

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through the age, life, and achievements of the talented designer Poonam More!

Poonam Moore, the creative force behind Poonam’s by Design, is the highlighted designer on HGTV’s Rico to the Rescue.

Operating from the Southlands Lifestyle Center, her interior design firm provides exquisite home remodeling and design services.

From a pool of 100 applicants, Moore emerged as one of the final 10, eventually securing a spot among the last three candidates for HGTV.

Following rigorous interviews and live camera tests, she was invited to join the show in June of the preceding year.

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Poonam Moore Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Designer?

Poonam Moore’s journey in the design world is rooted in her upbringing, having been born in the Fiji Islands and raised in the vibrant surroundings of Los Angeles.

Poonam Moore Wikipedia And Age: Poonam is 43 years old.

Her family background is diverse, with her parents being Vijay and Jacqueline Maharaj. Unfortunately, her parents are no longer together, but their origins are noteworthy.

Vijay, Poonam’s father, hails from Suva City in Central Fiji. On the other hand, Jacqueline, her mother, is originally from Ogden, Utah, and also co-owns Raj of Raj Inc.

Poonam has a brother named Vickel Maharaj within her family, who has pursued a career as a Central Services Supervisor at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Poonam Moore Wikipedia
Poonam Moore Wikipedia: She established Poonam’s by Design in 2006. (Source: Instagram)

Poonam’s passion for interior design blossomed early in life and she pursued her dreams at the Art Institute of Colorado, earning a bachelor’s degree in interior design.

Poonam Moore Wikipedia: In February 2006, Poonam took a significant step by founding “Poonam’s by Design.”

The company’s mission is to ignite creativity and enthusiasm in each client, exposing them to the design world.

What distinguishes her company is her belief that beautiful designs can come to life on any budget and cater to every taste.

The firm specializes in various design aspects, including full retail showrooms, residential design, custom drapery, and complete project management.

With a focus on artistry, Poonam’s by Design seeks to bring forth exceptional designs that resonate with clients across a spectrum of preferences and financial plans.

Meet Poonam Moore Husband Everett Moore

Poonam Moore has been happily married to her husband, Everett Moore, for an impressive span of over 26 years, with the couple exchanging vows on January 12, 1996.

Their journey together is marked by shared experiences, growth, and a deep connection that has withstood the test of time.

Everett Moore, Poonam’s life partner, is not just a companion but a successful entrepreneur as well.

He holds the esteemed position of owner and CEO of Class Transportation, a luxury transportation company catering to discerning clients within the Denver metro area.

Poonam Moore Wikipedia
Poonam Moore Wikipedia: Poonam and her husband Everett exchanged vows on January 12, 1996. (Source: Instagram)

Family is at the core of Poonam and Everett’s lives, and their union has been blessed with the joy of four beautiful daughters.

The names of three of their daughters are Jazmine, Jayda, and Ashley, each contributing to the unique tapestry of their familial bond.

The presence of these four daughters has undoubtedly added layers of love, laughter, and shared moments to the Moore household.

Furthermore, the family circle extends beyond their immediate children to include three cherished grandchildren, further enriching their lives with the joy of the next generation.

As Poonam and Everett celebrate over two and a half decades of marital bliss, their love story unfolds, creating a narrative of shared dreams.

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