Peter Sutcliffe Children: Does He Have Son Or Daughter? Family Tree

Who are Peter Sutcliffe children? Delve into the following write-up to find out about the family details of the infamous serial killer.

Peter William Sutcliffe, mainly known as Yorkshire Ripper, was an English Serial Killer.

Peter was convicted of murdering thirteen women and attempting to murder seven others between 1975 and 1980.

Sutcliffe was sentenced to twenty concurrent sentences of life imprisonment for his brutal crime.

There have been several documentaries and series which cover the story of Peter. Some include This Is Personal: The Hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper, Crimes That Shook Britain, and The Ripper.

On 25 September 2023, a new seven-part drama series, The Long Shadow, was released, covering the brutal murders committed by Peter Sutcliffe.

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Who Are Peter Sutcliffe Children? Son Or Daughter

Whenever there is a conversation regarding Peter Sutcliffe’s children, his marital life and relationship with his wife come into discussion.

Serial Killer Peter Sutcliffe was married to the love of his life, Sonia Szurma, in 1974.

The couple’s initial marital days were enjoyable for about a year, but disputes started in the family after that.

The central topic of the discussion was about bearing the children. Peter Sutcliffe has no children, and the reason for it is heartbreaking.

Peter and his wife Sonia tried to conceive, but Sonia suffered several miscarriages.

Later, she was informed that she would not be able to have children throughout her life because of the previous miscarriages.

Since Sonia was twenty-two years old, she was a patient of Schizophrenia and was having her treatment for it.

Peter Sutcliffe Children
Peter Sutcliffe Children: The serial killer had no children. (Source: Express)

Every week, she had to go through therapy sessions and was taking daily medication to prevent it. But it was affecting her mentality and adversely affecting her physical health.

Furthermore, in 1999, it was revealed that, previously, Peter Sutcliffe wanted to adopt a child as he was childless. He and his wife Sonia applied to Bradford Council’s fostering and adoption unit for the adoption of a child.

Then, after social workers visited their house and several counseling sessions, they were approved as fit to care for a child.

But, later, it was dismissed after Peter was apprehended. Thus, there is not any evidence regarding Peter Sutcliffe children.

Peter Sutcliffe Family Details And Familial Dynamics

Peter Sutcliffe was born in 1946 to a working-class family in Bingley, Yorkshire, to his father, John William Sutcliffe, and mother, Kathleen Frances Coonan.

Peter’s father was a choir member at the local Anglican Church, and his mother was Roman Catholic. Peter and his siblings were raised in their mother’s catholic faith and spent their childhood in Agony.

Peter Sutcliffe’s father was an alcoholic and domestic violence predator. Peter also suffered from his father’s abuse. The Sutcliffe siblings describe their father as a Monster.

Peter Sutcliffe Children
Peter Sutcliffe spent his childhood in pain and suffering. (Source: Dailymail)

Peter’s parents always had quarrels about infidelity and cheating in the house. The parent’s incompatibility directs Peter towards isolation and obsession with voyeurism.

After studying the childhood of Peter Sutcliffe, forensic psychologist Dr. Keti Nixon mentioned that the family dynamics and the parent’s relation was the most influential factor for Peter’s obsession and acts.

Yorkshire Ripper Peter has four serving siblings: Carl, Mick, Jean, and Maureen Sutcliffe. His younger sister Anne died in 2005 cause of cancer.

When Peter Sutcliffe died on 13 November 2020, his brother Mick was the principal mourner after his former wife Sonia refused to do so.

Peter Sutcliffe and his wife, Sonia Szurma, got divorced in 1994 on the grounds of unreasonable behavior. In 1997, Sonia got married to Michael Woodward and lived her life away from Peter’s influence.

Peter Sutcliffe Children
Peter Sutcliffe had a beautiful wife but got divorced after he was sentenced to prison. (Source: Themirror)

As for Peter Sutcliffe’s children, the serial killer who killed the mother of many and left the children orphans was childless.

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