Meet Philip Chism Sister Isabella Christina Chism: Parents Details

There has been a significant rise in curiosity among people who want to know about Philip Chism sister, Isabella Christina Chism. 

Philip Chism is a Massachusetts native who was accused of killing and raping his 24 years old math teacher, Colleen Ritzer.

Following the crime, Philip was charged with first-degree murder, rape and armed robbery.

The case drew media coverage and raised questions about school safety, mental health, and the justice system. 

During the trial, Chism’s defense council argued that he was mentally ill at the time. But, later he was found guilty on all charges. 

He was 14 when this incident happened and was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison on the murder charge and 40 years each for aggravated rape and armed robbery counts. 

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Meet Philip Chism Sister Isabella Christina Chism

Throughout the years, Philip Chism has been a subject of attention in the media. His life has been very public since the incident.

This has affected not only him but also his sister and family, who have gone and are going through hard times. 

Isabella Christina Chism is the biological sister of Philip Chism. He also has another sister whose whereabouts are not revealed to the public.

Isabella now resides with her mother in the United States.

Philip Chism sister
Philip Chism’s sister is not seen often in the media. (Source: NBC News)

Though there is not much information about Philip Chism’s sister available to the public due to privacy concerns, it is evident that despite all the shadows and dark times, she is filled with hope to pursue her future. 

While her brother has been in the headlines for such horrific crimes, she has chosen to define her own path. 

Many speculate that after her brother’s incident, Isabella has started generating awareness about mental health and its importance in today’s time. 

 In addition, she is not much active on any social media platforms and prefers to stay away from media. 

Philip Chism Parents Details

Due to the weight and seriousness of the popular murderer, Philip Chism, case his parents and family were often seen in the media during the trials. 

The accused person, Philip Chism, was born to Diana Amanda Chism and Stacy Chism. 

Philip Chism’s parents got married in 1998 but eventually after a short time, in March 2001, both mutually agreed to get a divorce. 

But it didn’t go through as they reconciled in June 2001. Though two more petitions were filed in 2011 and 2013 for separation, the couple finalized their divorce in 2014.  

Philip’s mother, Diana, was of Brazilian descent and was born to Eduardo Barbieri and Joyce Barbieri.

Philip Chism parents
Philip Chism’s mother was seen crying during the trial. (Source: WBUR)

It was revealed from a near source that Diana’s mother suffered from a nervous breakdown leading to constant hospitalization. This led her to not be in a position to raise three children.

Diana grew up with her siblings due to her mother’s illness. However, details regarding her brothers and sisters are not disclosed. 

Having a gene of mentally ill grandparents, the psychiatrist acclaim that Philip might have also carried such a gene with him.

As he was suffering from ‘unspecified schizophrenic and other unspecified psychotic disorders, including hallucinations, from the age of 10. 

This was also why Philip, even after knowing the heinous crime he was committing, could not control himself. 

Nonetheless, After all the trials Philip Chism was still found guilty. 

This incident has truly given a new dimension to his parent’s and siblings’ life. While his mother and sister are residing in the United States, the whereabouts of his father after the divorce from Diana are still unknown. 

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