Meet Ramon Ang Wife Tessi Ang: 8 Children

Discover the fascinating life of Ramon Ang wife, Tessi Ang, and their journey raising 8 children.

Ramon Ang, a prominent Filipino entrepreneur, serves as the President and CEO of Top Frontier Investment Holdings, Inc., the primary stakeholder in San Miguel Corporation.

In addition, Ramon also holds executive positions as the President and CEO of SMC, along with chairmanships in Cyber Bay Corporation and Eagle Cement Corporation.

Ang’s journey at SMC began with his election as Vice-Chairman in January 1999, ascending to President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) in March 2002.

Ramon is a Far Eastern University alumnus, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering.

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Who Are Ramon Ang Wife Tessi Ang And Eight Children?

Ramon Ang, a prominent figure in the business world, shares a remarkable family story with his wife, Tessie Ang.

Ramon Ang and Tessie Ang’s dynamic family unit consists of eight children: Jomar, Jacob, Cecile, Jacqueline, John, Monica, Carmela, and the late Jomar.

They play pivotal roles in Ramon’s diverse business ventures, including Diamond Hotel, San Miguel, Petron, and Philippine Airlines.

While Tessi Ang maintains a low profile, their exceptional parenting skills shine as a testament to their determination, love, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Notably, John Paul leads as the president of Eagle Cement, and Monica serves as the finance officer.

Ramon Ang Wife
In Frame: Cecille Ang, Ramon Ang and his Wife Tessi’s beloved daughter. (Source: Youtube)

Cecille manages the family-owned Diamond Hotel, showcasing the family’s commitment to their businesses.

Tragically, the family experienced the loss of Jomar in 2020, who was the Chief Financial Officer of RSA Motors, Ramon’s car dealership business.

Despite the public scrutiny of their family, most of Ramon and Tessie’s children prefer to stay away from the limelight, maintaining their privacy.

Ramon’s dedication to his family is evident as he checks on his children before midnight, emphasizing the importance of family bonds.

Despite his demanding schedule, he values quality time with his loved ones and strongly emphasizes giving back and generosity, adding a heartwarming dimension to his influential persona.

Ramon Ang Career And Net Worth Details

Ramon See Ang’s journey from a humble beginning to becoming a self-made billionaire is nothing short of inspirational.

Born on January 14, 1954, his strong work ethic was instilled in him during his early days working at his father’s car repair shop.

Even during his time at Far Eastern University, where he earned a degree in mechanical engineering, Ang was a working student who undertook various odd jobs to support both himself and his education.

Today, he holds prominent positions as the CEO and President of San Miguel Corporation, cementing his status as one of the Philippines’ most enigmatic billionaires.

According to recent metrics, he ranks as the third richest Filipino, with Forbes estimating his net worth at $2.3 billion.

Beyond his business acumen, Ramon Ang’s passion for vintage cars is well-known.

Ramon Ang Wife
Ramon Ang wife Tessi likes to stay away from the limelight, unlike her husband and children. (Source: Facebook)

His prized collection includes iconic vehicles like the TVR Griffith 200, Lagonda 3-Litre Coupe, Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, and Shelby Cobra 289.

In July 2022, Ramon Ang received the prestigious Legion of Honor Award from the French Government, a recognition reserved for individuals who contributed to France.

What truly sets Ramon Ang apart, however, is his unwavering commitment to his career and his role as a parent.

His remarkable success has been paralleled by his ability to create a nurturing environment for his eight children, showcasing a balanced life that encompasses both professional achievement and family values.

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