Randy Meisner Health And Illness 2023: Died From COPD Complications

After the death of a Music Legend, fans are eagerly wanting to know about Randy Meisner health condition which led to this unfortunate event.

Randall Herman Meisner, also known as Randy Meisner, was a highly acclaimed American singer, songwriter, and founding member of the Eagles.

Throughout his musical career, he worked as a bassist and was a backing high-harmony vocalist as both a group member and session musician. 

Many might not know this but, he was behind the hit song Take It To The Limit, which he co-wrote for the Eagles.

However, the music icon, Randy Meisner was found dead at the age of 77 in Los Angeles. 

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Randy Meisner Health And Illness 2023: Was He Sick?

Randy Meisner health conditions were not quite very good at the time of his death. He has endured numerous troubles in recent years.

He had struggled with alcohol dependence since his tenure with the Eagles, which was around the late 1960s. This was followed by minor heart attacks, due to which he was not allowed the band to tour in 2004. 

Randy Meisner health conditions not only affected him internally but also emotionally as he had to stop performing after his last-known performance in 2008 in Naples, Florida. 

However, this didn’t stop there. Over the years after that, he kept suffering from minor illnesses. 

Randy Meisner Health
Randy Meisner health condition was quite severe at the time of his death. (Source: Salon)

Tragically, in March 2013, due to a piece of food obstructing his breathing while he was eating, he had to spend some time in a coma. 

This was during the History of the Eagles tour where he was again unable to participate. 

Furthermore, later in April 2015, before his wife, Lana Meisner, shot herself and died, he had to go through the lawsuit filed on his behalf. This lawsuit revealed that still, Randy suffered from alcohol and drug addiction. 

Moreover, it was also revealed that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had even threatened to kill himself and others with a weapon.

Randy Meisner Cause Of Death: Died From COPD Complications

Though the death of the musical legend Randy Meisner has shaken the musical community to its core. Many of his well-wishers and supporters are very curious about the cause of this tragic event.

Reports claim that Randy Meisner passed at the age of 77 due to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease complications. 

It was after his death revealed that along with suffering from bipolar disorders and addictions, he was also diagnosed with COPD.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), is a type of lung condition where individuals find it difficult in breathing. It causes damage to the air sacs in the lung and long-term inflammation of the airways. 

Though neither Randy family nor his fellow musicians have spoken anything about him having this disease, people have speculated that it might have occurred due to some genetic problem or his marijuana addiction.

Randy Meisner COPD
Randy Meisner was a well-known bassist during his time. (Source: Getty Images)

While he was going through a hard time coping with mental pain, he often relied on marijuana to calm his brittle nerves. 

Nevertheless, as the face of 1970s music, Randy Meisner, is no more with us, his fellow bandmates and musicians of the industry, have paid tribute to his contributions and work. 

As, this is truly a hard time for his family who is mourning for the loss and coping with this grief, fans from all over the world have shown their support and strength for them.

Though Randy Meisner is no longer with us, he will forever be remembered from the notes of the songs he has left behind. 

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