Renovation Aloha Kamohai Kalama Kids: Who Are Mal And Leonardo?

Kamohai Kalama kids have been a topic of interest for people. Kamohai is a real estate developer and contractor specializing in house flipping in Hawaii.

He is also known for being involved in his real estate projects and has been featured in the television show “Renovation Aloha” on HGTV.

In the show, Kamohai Kalama is portrayed as a hardworking and passionate individual who is dedicated to renovating and improving homes in Hawaii.

His work ethic, dedication to quality, and commitment to his family have made him a beloved figure in the local community and a respected professional in the real estate industry.

It is important to note that information about Kamohai Kalama may have changed or evolved since my knowledge cutoff date, and I recommend checking the most recent sources for the latest information.

Let’s get to know more about Kamohai Kalama kids and other details regarding his personal life.

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Renovation Aloha Kamohai Kalama Kids

Mal and Leonardo Kalama, Kamohai Kalama Kids, have been the biggest part of their father’s life and have been featured in the television show “Renovation Aloha” on HGTV.

“Renovation Aloha” is a television series that follows the life and work of Kamohai Kalama, a real estate developer and contractor who specializes in house flipping in Hawaii.

The show was developed by Big Vision Entertainment and first aired in January 2021 on the HGTV network.

Mal and Leonardo are Kamohai Kalama kids who are also featured in the show. Mal is the eldest daughter and Leonardo is the youngest son.

Kamohai Kalama Kids
Kamohai with his kids and wife. (Source: Instagram)

They often accompany their father on various house-flipping projects and help him with renovations.

Mal and Leonardo share a passion for real estate development and construction, and they are shown learning the trade and contributing to their father’s business.

The show depicts the family’s experiences as they take on different renovation projects, offering viewers insights into the real estate market in Hawaii and the challenges and rewards of house flipping.

Mal and Leonardo’s involvement in the show provides a glimpse into the dynamics of a family-run business and showcases their growing skills and expertise in the field of real estate development and renovation.

Who Are Mal And Leonardo?

Mal Kalama is the daughter of Kamohai Kalama, and Leonardo Kalama is his son. Mal is the eldest sibling, and Leonardo is the youngest.

Both Mal and Leonardo have been seen on his Instagram and their father’s real estate projects and have been featured in the television show “Renovation Aloha” on HGTV.

Mal Kalama has been portrayed as a dedicated and hardworking individual with a passion for real estate development and construction.

She has been seen accompanying her father on various house-flipping projects and has been actively involved in renovations. Mal is also an aspiring musician and is passionate about music.

Kamohai Kalama Kids
Kamohai Kalama is happily married to his wife. (Source: Instagram)

Leonardo Kalama is the younger sibling and has also been involved in his father’s real estate projects.

He has shown a keen interest in learning the trade and has been seen assisting with renovations and other tasks.

Leonardo has also shown an interest in sports, particularly surfing, and is passionate about leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

Both Mal and Leonardo have been portrayed as supportive and dedicated siblings, who share their father’s passion for real estate development and construction.

They have been shown working alongside their father, learning the trade, and contributing to the success of their family’s business.

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