Who Is Riad Haidar Żona Irena Krzych-Haidar? Dzieci And Rodzina

Who is Riad Haidar Żona (wife)? Suppose you are among the followers of Syrian politics and are wondering about the politician’s personal life, including his żona, dzieci (kids), and rodzina (family). In that case, you’ve come to the right place.

Riad was a politician and doctor who was a student from Syria who arrived in Poland in 1972. He was now much in the spotlight as the candidate for the Sejm elections.

He works with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, cures kids, saves premature babies, and has the backing of tens of thousands of people in the Lublin and Podlasie areas.

The doctor wants to participate in the parliamentary health committee because he thinks he understands precisely what is wrong with Polish medicine. Riad Haidar has been affiliated with the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Biaa Podlaska

He has been there since 1991, specifically with the Neonatology Department, of which he was the head. Discover the politician’s little-known personal life, including information about Riad Haidar żona (wife) in this article.

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Riad Haidar Żona (Wife) Irena Krzych-Haidar 

Riad Haidar żona is Irena Krzych. Like her husband, she is also renowned personnel in the health sector of Poland.

Irena is a well-established radiologist. According to rumors, they first met in Lublin and quickly decided to settle there and raise a family.

The two have three dzieci (kids). However, Irena is a relatively private person. She does not have any social media that the internet is aware of. Krzych has a small online presence despite constantly appearing on Riad’s Facebook page.

Riad Haidar Zona
Riad Haidar and his żona on the occasion of Christmas. (Source: Facebook)

Despite the constant attention, Irena remains a mystery, and her fans are left to speculate about her life. Some see her as an enigmatic and fascinating figure, while others are frustrated by her lack of transparency.

Nevertheless, she remains one of the most talked-about celebrities, and her fans continue to follow her every move, hoping to catch a glimpse of the natural person behind the mysterious façade.

Riad Haidar Was Father To Three Dzieci (Kids)

Riad Haidar was father to his three sons, Rami, Emil, and Kamil. Kamil is identified as a political scientist and a “Europeanist,” which suggests a passion for politics and global issues.

His other son, Emil’s expertise in foreign trade, suggests a focus on global trade and business. Likewise, Rami completed his Arabic studies at the University of Warsaw, demonstrating his enthusiasm for Arabic literature and culture.

Emil gained popularity due to his relationship with Polish singer Dorota Rabczewska, known as Doda. They were engaged, but the wedding did not occur, and their relationship ended in court disputes.

Riad Haidar Zona
Riad’s son Emil Haidar and his partner, Doda, are renowned singers. (Source: OnetPlejada)

Moreover, it was revealed that he has two teenage daughters, which created quite a sensation when the information became public. Riad Haidar’s son, Emil Haidar, has twin daughters, Oliwia and Wiktoria. They will be turning 19 in September.

The news of his daughters came to light when Riad Haidar, Emil’s father, mentioned in his election poster for the Sejm elections that he was a proud grandfather of three granddaughters.

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Riad Haidar Rodzina (Family) Details

Talking about his popular granddaughters, one of the granddaughters is the daughter of Zosia Ślotała and Kamil Haidar, and the other two granddaughters are Emil’s twin daughters.

Oliwia and Wiktoria celebrated their 18th birthday in September 2018, and Emil was present at the celebration, indicating a good relationship between him and his daughters.

Riad Haidar Zona
Riad’s granddaughters Wiktoria Haidar and Oliwia Haidar are popular on social media platforms. (Source: Plotek)

Their grandfather, Riad, earned a second degree in neonatology specialty. Additionally, he finished postgraduate studies at UMCS in the management of healthcare systems, management of European initiatives, and law in the European Union.

Before returning to Poland, he spent a short time practicing medicine in Al-Bayda, Libya. He began working 1991 at the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Biaa Podlaska’s Neonatal Ward, where he finally rose to the department head position.

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