Robert Card Brother: Who Is He? Family Details

Who is Robert Card brother? Delve into the write-up to discover the familial information of the Maine mass shoot suspect.

Right now, Robert Card is a sign of danger to the people of Lewiston, Maine.

On the morning of 26 October 2023, Robert set out in the Lewiston neighborhood, shooting random people in the area.

Robert Card is a trained firearms instructor believed to be in the Army Reserve stationed out of Saco, Maine.

Right at the moment, Maine police are trying their best to locate the suspect, Robert Card, but there is not any trace of him after he left his car at the scene.

About twenty-two people were victimized by Robert’s shot and died at the scene. The dangerous criminal is roaming around the city with firearms; thus, police have requested the public to be safe and report if they see Robert Card.

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Robert Card Brother: His Family Details

Robert Card is believed to be a citizen of Maine and is a trained firearms instructor whose working place is in Saco, Maine.

Robert has recently reported having mental health issues and hearing voices. Similarly, he once threatened to attack an army national guard base.

Such a vulnerable person is out in the open, calm neighborhood with a firearm, shooting people randomly without any context.

Many of the people are now interested to know about Robert Card brother and family details. But there is no access to Robert Card brother’s and his personal life, as all of his social media accounts have been suspended. 

Robert Card brother
Robert Card brother: The familial information of Robert is yet to be disclosed. (Source: Facebook)

Some of the news sources claimed that the mass shooter Card was under the surveillance of his brother and got away from his home when Robert Card brother was busy with his work.

Apart from this single news, there are no other points regarding Robert Card brother and family information and personal life.

For the sake of family safety, police might have suspended Robert’s social media and have not talked about the family details at all. The person in interest is Robert Card, and none of his family is related to the barbaric crime.

Lewiston Mass Shoot Case: Has The Suspect Robert Card Arrested?

Robert Card is still at large, roaming around the Lewiston neighborhood with an AR-15 firearm in his hands.

Maine police have yet to locate the suspect, which has caused at least twenty-two deaths and more than fifty injured.

Police, local authorities, and other public are involved in the massive search for the brutal suspect. It was reported that Robert was driving a white Subaru with license plate Maine 9246 PD.

Later on, Card’s vehicle was found at a boat launch at a local part in Lisbon, Maine.

Robert Card Brother
Robert Card’s vehicle was located earlier today, but the suspect is yet to be captured by police. (Source: Facebook)

In order to make the search thorough, police have closed Highway 196 to vehicle traffic, and the Maine population is now under a shelter-in-place order. Residents are sought to stay inside the house and lock their house.

For safety purposes, fire department units are staging at a church in Lisbon, Maine, and police are spread all around Maine.

Despite all the efforts to arrest the prime suspect, Robert Card. He is still at large among the residents. 

Maine people are living in grief, danger, and terror as a completely dangerous person is traipsing around their neighborhood, killing their close ones, and even their life safety is in danger.

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