Romain Bonnet Ethnicity Family Wikipedia Bio And Age Revealed

What is Romain Bonnet Ethnicity? Selling Sunset fans have been raising curiosity regarding the actor’s ethical background. Bonnet was first seen in the show’s eight episodes.

French real estate agent Romain Bonnet rose to fame after appearing in the “Selling Sunset” reality series on Netflix.

The focus of “Selling Sunset” is the agents’ personal and professional life, and Romain immediately wins over viewers with his endearing demeanor and attractive appearance.

Romain’s friendship with fellow agent Mary Fitzgerald is one of the show’s primary plotlines.

The couple experienced many highs and lows throughout the series, including a beautiful wedding. Their friendship has been central to Romain’s narrative in “Selling Sunset.”

Known for his charismatic personality and fashion sense, he has created much buzz among the fans. The fans are now wondering about Romain Bonnet Ethnicity. Continue reading to find out.

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Romain Bonnet Ethnicity’

Romain Bonnet ethnicity is mixed. He was born in Palo Alto, California.

Although he was born in the USA, his roots spread to Europe. His French accent is much loved by the respective audience in the show.

Beyond his appearance on the reality TV show “Selling Sunset,” there is limited publicly available information about Romain Bonnet’s background, including Romain Bonnet ethnicity and parents.

Romain Bonnet Ethnicity
Romain Bonnet (Source: Instagram)

Some sources also suggest that Romain Bonnet is mixed Caucasian, which means he has a mixed racial background, including Caucasian or white heritage.

Without further information from Romain Bonnet himself or official sources, Romain Bonnet Ethnicity remains a mystery to the fans.

It’s also important to respect individuals’ self-identification and allow them to define their racial identity.

Romain Bonnet Wikipedia

Romain began his career as a model before moving into the field of luxury real estate. Romain joined the Oppenheim Group, a well-known Los Angeles real estate agency, on “Selling Sunset.”

Even before becoming a model, he worked as a pastry chef. Soon after, he joined the Oppenheim Group as a project manager. Currently, he is being represented by the Wilhelmina agency.

Romain Bonnet Ethnicity
Romain with Mary in the opening of the office of The Oppenheim Group. (Source: Instagram)

As of 2023, Romain Bonnet is married to Mary Fitzgerald. They walked down the aisle on October 2019. Talking about their marriage was a French-inspired grand wedding in Los Angeles.

Mary and Romain met in 2017 and dated soon after. She is also a real estate agent.

Apart from the show, Bonnet is a professional Instagram model well-known for his good-looking facial structure and well-constructed body.

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Romain Bonnet Age Revealed

Romain Bonnet is 33 years old. The entrepreneur was born in France on June 28 23, 1993.

The renowned TV personality’s zodiac sign is Gemini. Moreover, Romain’s wife is 12 years older than him. Mary was born on July 29, 1980.

It is also revealed that Romain and Mary were reportedly already married when the first season of Selling Sunset began filming.

Romain Bonnet Ethnicity
Romain and Mary are enjoying their off time in Hotel Muare. (Source: Instagram)

According to a marriage license and certificate acquired by TMZ, the pair married on March 9, 2018, at the Ventura Courthouse.

Romain is well-known for showcasing his sense of style through his show and social media appearances.

He has received recognition for his sense of style. His participation in high-end real estate transactions and contacts with wealthy clientele have further boosted his appeal on the show.

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