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Rona Glynn-Mcdonald founded Common Ground, which supported 130K Australian to learn about the culture and history of First Nation people, an online space that shares Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories and lived that experiences.

The organization also records and preserves First Nations cultures across Australia to save what is at risk of being lost.

She is a proud woman and had a great impact on her works by direct to organizations to proper social change. Her economic background and passion for disruptive ideas show her interest and divert her toward this sector.

Rona Glynn-Mcdonald’s work frequently has a narrative focus and continuously changes how she approaches writing and creating, frequently beginning with a plot. These narratives frequently have geographic connections and often capture little excerpts in the country to which the story is related.

This may include the sound of the wind, the rustling of nearby trees, or nearby animals. These layers ground her songs. Rona Glynn-Mcdonald rapidly laid down some tunes while fiddling with hardware synthesizers and VSTS.

Her method varies depending on the situation, but she frequently begins with the bass or a vocal hook and finds a melody and an appropriate way to tell a tale. Her method is heavily influenced by intuition and the energy she is currently experiencing.

About life and family

Born on September 24, 1936, Rona Glynn-McDonald was reared in Australia. Back then, her parents, Topsy Glynn, and Ron Price, had their own businesses. Her father owned Wood Green, while her mother was a housewife.

She was the country’s first indigenous nurse and teacher in the Northern Territory. She has a sibling who shared her upbringing as well. She was Rona’s half-sister and goes by the name of Freda Glynn.


Rona Glynn-Mcdonald
Family and Life

She also had her niece and nephew, Erica Glynn, and Warwick, her siblings. She also loves exploring the interplay between synthesis and atmos and how music can be a vehicle for storytelling connected to place.

The website Common Ground, which discusses the histories and culture of the First Australians, was founded by Rona Glynn-McDonald.



The sisters were relocated to St. Mary’s hostel in 1949 under the supervision of Eileen Heath, whose organization, the Australian Board of Mission, was in charge of it. The tallest girl in the group, Rona, published an essay for Central Advocate about changing the decor in her school. She was also a strong student, earning a relatively high grade then.


In 1953, Rona and Freda were given the initials N.A.B., with Freda working at Alice Springs and Rona attending school.

She became the first teacher in her country at the age of 16 years old. In 1952, she was hired as a junior teacher at the same institution where she had previously attended classes, where she would teach Grade 2 students.

Rona Glynn-Mcdonald

Later, Rona Glynn-Mcdonald relocated to Melbourne to pursue further education. She enrolled at the School of Nursing in 1954 to begin her nursing study, and she graduated in 1957 with a triple nursing certificate.

She completed further training at Melbourne’s Royal Women’s Hospital the following year before joining the staff full-time.

In 1962, she relocated back home and began working as a maternity ward for Alice Springs Hospital. At the time, she helped mothers give birth to almost 2000 children.


Rona Glynn-Mcdonald received the Diana Award in 2019 and was recognized as one of Australia’s Women’s Weekly Women of the Future. She wants to develop future systems focused on First Nations people, knowledge, and traditions.
In 2020, Rona Glynn-Mcdonald was a Victorian Young Achiever Award finalist. 

Her work frequently has a narrative focus, and she continuously changes how she approaches writing and creating. She frequently begins with a plot.

Rona Glynn-Mcdonald continues to work toward being realistic about what is feasible and ensures that her team is composed of good individuals to realize a common goal.


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