Who Is Lola Pizzaro Escribano, Ronnie Lazaro Wife? Son Gabriel Lazaro

Behind the camera flashes and the silver screen, Ronnie Lazaro wife, Lola Pizzaro Escribano, has lived a relatively private life. Know about her here.

Ronnie Zabala Lazaro, born on November 14, 1957, is a multifaceted Filipino artist whose career spans film, television, theater, and art direction. 

Lazaro’s popularity as an actor is undeniable, with a string of nominations. His standout performances have not only garnered recognition in the Philippines but have also shone on the international stage.

Ronnie Lazaro’s dedication to his craft led to a Best Actor award at the Gawad Urian Awards for his compelling portrayal in “Yanggaw.”

While he’s known for his acting, Ronnie Lazaro’s talents don’t stop there. The actor has also ventured behind the scenes as a casting and art director.

Likewise, his artistic skills extend to photography, as demonstrated by his captivating exhibit, “Manila in the Palms of Light.”

Lazaro’s contributions to the industry continue to shine as he receives nominations for both leading and supporting roles in a variety of films.

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Ronnie Lazaro Wife, Lola Pizzaro Escribano, Is Of Spanish Descent

Ronnie Lazaro, a prominent figure in the Philippine entertainment industry, is known not only for his acting skills but also for his guarded personal life.

His wife, Lola Pizzaro Escribano, remains a mystery to the public eye. What is known, however, is Lola’s intriguing heritage – she hails from Spanish descent.

Ronnie, of Filipino origin, and Lola developed a genuine connection that transcended barriers in this story of cross-cultural love.

Their union reflects a deep-seated affection that defied comfort zones and cultural norms. Despite this, both Ronnie and Lola have chosen to keep their private life out of the limelight.

Ronnie Lazaro Wife
Ronnie Lazaro pictured with his friend and coactor, Liza Lorena. (Source: Twitter)

Despite the silence surrounding their personal affairs, Ronnie Lazaro wife’s presence in his life is unmistakable. She is the love of his life.

It is evident that Lola Pizzaro Escribano has played an instrumental role in Ronnie’s journey, offering him unwavering love, support, and encouragement.

In turn, Ronnie has earned a reputation for his chivalry and respect towards his female counterparts in the industry, as well as his mentorship of the newer generations in entertainment.

In this union, Ronnie Lazaro wife is undoubtedly fortunate to have such a loving and respectful husband by her side. The same goes for Ronnie.

Ronnie Lazaro Son Gabriel Lazaro Is A Music Instructor

Gabriel Lazaro, the only child of the renowned Filipino actor Ronnie Lazaro and Lola Pizzaro Escribano, has been making a name for himself in the field of music education.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, according to his LinkedIn profile, Gabriel’s journey in the world of music has been nothing short of inspiring.

Gabriel’s passion for music developed in Metro Manila, where he was exposed to a diverse range of music styles, from rock reggae fusion to traditional blues, OPM, grunge, and salsa.

This rich cultural tapestry ignited his love for music, and it eventually led him to Berklee College of Music in 2018, where he discovered his enthusiasm for music education.

Ronnie Lazaro Wife
Ronnie Lazaro’s son, Gabriel, is very close to his parents. (Source: Twitter)

Gabriel’s musical talent spans music theory, performance for string and brass instruments, composition, and improvisation.

He shares his knowledge and passion for music as a self-employed music instructor. In addition, he has been actively involved as the Assistant Music Director at Brent International School Manila.

Gabriel’s close relationship with his parents, especially his father, Ronnie Lazaro, has been well-documented, with numerous heartwarming moments captured in pictures.

His journey as a dedicated musician and music educator depicts the nurturing environment provided by his talented family, making him an ideal example of a talented son thriving in the world of music.

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