Scarlett Jenkinson Parents And Family: Father Brian Jenkinson And Mother Emma Sutton

Delve into the details of Scarlett Jenkinson Parents. She is the girl who became obsessed with horror movies, before graduating to killings and torture on the dark web.

Manchester Crown Court is now imposing sentences on Jenkinson and Ratcliffe.

And now Scarlett Jenkinson is one of the few female killers under the age of sixteen who have done something so horrible that they should be given a life sentence.

Her affinity for horror movies she’d seen in her bedroom as a youngster grew into a morbid obsession with serial killers, which was fueled even more by the murder and torture videos she found hiding in the dark corners of the internet.

However, Jenkinson truly desired to kill. After weeks of preparation, she finally found a deserving collaborator and killed her unsuspecting “friend,” Brianna Ghey.

Let’s get to know more about Scarlett Jenkinson Parents and other details regarding her personal life.

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Scarlett Jenkinson Parents And Family

Scarlett Jenkinson parents and neighbors are shocked to see how Scarlett is involved in the cold murder of 16-year-old Brianna Ghey.

Jenkinson’s narrative is particularly difficult to understand since, in contrast to the many other young killers who were raised in troubled homes, she had an enviable start in life.

Jenkinson was raised in the Cheshire village of Culcheth, where middle-class families settle to take advantage of the area’s highly respected schools, pubs, cafes, and open spaces.

Scarlett Jenkinson Parents
Scarlett Jenkinson parents regularly attended court during the trial of their youngest child. (Source: Telegraph)

He was part of a large family and was loved by his parents.

One neighbor said, “Culcheth is a wonderful place to raise children.” Her neighbor assumed there had to have been an error when she was arrested. “It can’t be Scarlett,” she mentioned.

In one, a much younger Scarlett plays around in the background while the brothers—one of whom was a submariner in the Royal Navy—sip beers during a family get-together.

Jenkinson had already enrolled in the well-acclaimed secondary school on the outskirts of the community, Culcheth High School.

Father Brian Jenkinson And Mother Emma Sutton

Scarlett Jenkinson parents, 51-year-old Brian Jenkinson and 49-year-old Emma Sutton were described as “hard-working” and “law-abiding,” and they frequently appeared in court while their youngest child was on trial.

We do understand that they were not made aware of the complete and dreadful details of their daughter’s involvement in Brianna’s death until the hearing went on.

Mr. Jenkinson is employed as a plasterer and builder. He was a director of a small engineering company where he had previously worked.

In addition, he lists himself on LinkedIn as a “qualified tutor” who has instructed students and prisoners in building at North West colleges and jails.

Jenkinson’s mother works as a home economics and design technology teacher at a Warrington-based Catholic secondary school.

In a leased semi in a quiet housing area, work and hectic home life were balanced. The pair had three sons together by the time Jenkinson was born in 2007.

The Mail has been informed by sources close to the inquiry that social services have never been involved.

Jenkinson was the last of the siblings to be born, her oldest brother being fifteen years older than her.

Murder Of Brianna Ghey

At the age of fifteen, Eddie Ratcliffe and Scarlett Jenkinson devised a heinous scheme to murder 16-year-old Brianna Ghey.

They lured transgender Brianna to Linear Park in Warrington, where they stabbed her with a hunting knife in a “ferocious” attack.

Jenkinson devised a plan to kill the teenager with medication after becoming “obsessed” with her.

Scarlett Jenkinson parents
Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe planned and executed the murder of Brianna Ghey. (Source: Telegraph)

The girl texted her partner, just 19 days before Brianna was killed, to inform him that the ominous plot had been carried out.

While she stabs her in the stomach, he stabs her in the back. She expressed her belief that the painkiller she had given Brianna “should have been enough to kill her”.

After the schoolgirl became ill but did not pass away, the evil duo opted to murder Brianna using a more graphic technique.

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