Shermichael Singleton Wife: Married To His Girlfriend Nhiya Marie

The Political Analyst is often seen with his long-term girlfriend on social media. Has he finally got married? Go through the following article to know about Shermichael Singleton Wife and his personal and professional details. 

Shermichael Singleton works as a political consultant, commentator, writer, and contributing host of Vox Media.

Singleton’s involvement in several presidential campaigns has ensued him with a splendid background and copious experiences.

He devoted his exertions to youth outreach and engagement when he was involved in the campaigns of presidential candidates – Newt Gingrich, Dr. Ben Carson, and Mitt Romney. 

Notably, for his contribution to politics and media, Shermichael is also a 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree for Law and Policy.

He is the most likable political analyst whose arguments and reasoning are to the point when it comes to the interpretation of political affairs.

Besides his co-hosting in Vox Media, Singleton also appears on MSNBC where he presents his political assertions and analysis.

Shermichael Singleton Wife: Married To His Girlfriend Nhiya Marie

Television personality Shermichael has been together with his long-term girlfriend Nhiya Marie who is a model and a student. She is studying at Howard  University majoring in Marketing and business. 

Reportedly, the couple started dating around early 2019. There is not any information disclosed about the marital status of the two love birds. 

However, people have assumed that they are possibly engaged and will post about marriage in the near future.

Shermichael Singleton Wife
Shermichael Singleton is in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend Nhiya Marie but has yet to get married. (Source: Instagram)

A mere speculation is revolving around the fans, that couple will get married after Nhiya graduates from the university in 2024. However, we have to wait and watch how will the assumption turns out.

Although Singleton and Marie have not posted anything regarding the dates and times of their relationship, we can see a perfect chemistry blend between the two.

In the Instagram account of Nhiye and Shermichael, we can find the picture of them spending time together, being goofy around each other, and spreading love. 

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Shermichael Singleton Wikipedia And Bio

Shermichael Singleton is twenty-nine this year, and as per the birthday post of his partner on her social media account, he was born on July 24.

Reportedly, he is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. Shermichael studied political science at Morehouse College and government and politics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Despite being an active media personality, Singleton has managed to keep his private life separate from the media. So, let’s explore his professional career.

Shermichael Singleton started his career working as a political operative; during the presidential election in 2012, he worked in the campaign of the former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich focusing on youth outreach and engagement. 

After that, he worked for the former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. 

Shermichael Singleton Wife
Shermichael Singleton is a political analyst and commentator who has been the right hand for several candidates in presidential campaigns. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, in 2015 and 2016, he worked for the prominent neurosurgeon Dr Ben Carson. For Ben’s campaign, Singleton was the faith coalition’s advisor, and his support becomes the strongest base for Carson to surpass the other candidates.

Besides his work on political campaigns, Shermichael is an opposition researcher for America Rising, LLC where he conducts research for several Republican candidates running for the election.

The political analyst was once proclaimed the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the youngest ever to be appointed to such a high position in the agency. After his dismissal from the HUD, he worked as a political commentator on CNN.

In addition to his politics, Singleton has also worked with Florida-based non-profit ‘Lauren’s Kids,’ which mainly focuses on raising awareness about child sexual abuse.

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