Simon Elrahi Wikipedia And Age: How Old Was The Actor?

Discover Simon Elrahi Wikipedia and age. Know about his contribution to the Australian movie industry.

Simon Elrahi was a veteran actor, director, and writer best known for moves like Last King of the Cross and The Combination: Redemption.

Simon was regarded as an actor with versatility and acting excellence. He appeared in movies like The Strangers, Harrow, Fighting Season, Here Come the Habibs, Deep Water, Australia Day, Rake, Janet King, Winter, Home & Awat, and Murder Call.

Simon dedicated more than two decades of his life to the entertainment industry and worked as a writer and director in several movies, documentaries, and TV shows.

An important personality in the Australian movie industry, Simon Elrahi, died on 8 November 2023 following a sudden illness.

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Simon Elrahi Wikipedia: An Actor By Heart

Simon Elrahi Wikipedia: Simon Elrahi is an actor who followed his passion for acting since childhood and later on converted into a passionate profession.

Simon Elrahi Wikipedia comprised his professional achievements, career journey, and overall life accomplishments.

Elrahi graduated from the Actors Centre and Sydney’s Australian Film, Television, and Radio School.

Since 1995, Simon has worked as an Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, and Editor. Thus, he has many credits starring in multi-award-winning films and television series.

Simon also owns Simon Shephard Productions, which is dedicated to making unique and diverse stories. Based on the production house, Simon has released several movies and documentaries on current Austrian affairs.

Simon Elrahi’s short feature “Flow,” which he wrote, directed, produced, and edited, won Best Film, Best Director, and Best Drama for him at the 2017 inaugural Sydney Indie Film Festival.

Simon Elrahi Wikipedia 
Simon Elrahi Wikipedia: Simon dedicated more than two decades of his life to the entertainment industry. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, it won Best Drama at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, Panavision Australia 2017, and Best Film Award at the Lebanese Film Festival.

Apart from that, Simon’s films as an actor, writer, and director have received impressive credit from the movie bord, audience, and film critics.

Throughout his life, Simon Elrahi worked on making, writing, and directing movies on both large and short scales. 

Recently, in 2021, feature films “Understanding Anatomy” and “Trapped” were semi-finalists at the Boston Screenplay Awards.

With all of his achievements, Simon Elrahi Wikipedia resonates with success, contribution, and achievements in the entertainment industry.

Simon Elrahi Wikipedia: Family And Wife

Simon Elrahi was born on 20 January in Australia as the loving son of his parents, Mr. Elrahi and Mrs. Elrahi. His birth year is not confirmed but is estimated to be around 1958, as he is believed to be sixty-five years old at the time of death.

He grew up in a decent family which has a theatre background. Thus, Simon learned acting from his family, which helped him to develop a clear pathway on where his life would be directed later on.

There is not much information regarding Simon’s early life and their parents’ and siblings’ details, as the actor never publicly revealed his family details.

Simon Elrahi Wikipedia 
Simon Elrahi Wikipedia: He was a married man and father of two sons. (Source: Dailymail)

However, there is some information regarding his later life. He is married to the love of his life, and she is a gorgeous and competent lady.

Furthermore, Simon Elrahi is a family man and father of two sons, Samuel and Saul. It is known that Simon’s sons are following their father’s footsteps and pursuing their career in acting.

We might see Simon Elrahi’s children in the movies and documentaries in the upcoming days.

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