No, Skyler Gisondo Is Not Gay: Meet His Girlfriend Ari Haagen

The persistent inquiry circulating online is, “Is Skyler Gisondo gay?” Uncover the origins of this rumour and delve into the intricate details of his sexuality and romantic journey.

Born on July 22, 1996, in Palm Beach County, Florida, Skyler Augustus Gisondo has emerged as a versatile American actor.

Known for his roles in films like “Licorice Pizza,” “Booksmart,” and “Vacation,” as well as TV shows such as “The Righteous Gemstones” and “Santa Clarita Diet,” Gisondo’s career showcases his remarkable range.

Raised in a family of ocean engineers, Gisondo’s early exposure to the entertainment industry began at the age of six, landing a national Pizza Hut commercial.

His filmography includes diverse roles, from voicing B-Dawg in Disney’s “Air Buddies” series to portraying Gideon Gemstone in “The Righteous Gemstones.”

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How Did Skyler Gisondo Gay Rumors Start Circulating? Meet His Girlfriend, Ari Haagen

The internet can be a breeding ground for rumours and misconceptions, and one celebrity who has been the subject of unfounded speculation is actor Skyler Gisondo.

It seems Skyler Gisondo gay rumors started circulating after an intriguing Instagram post from April 2, 2016, surfaced on the account ‘skylergiscndo.’

The post, seemingly from Gisondo himself, declared, “Hi everyone, my name is Skyler Gisondo. I am 19 years old. I am gay af. Pizza is the best food ever. I’m a bottom. I love cuddles. Hmu people”

Likewise, the hashtags to the post included, “#openrp #rp #gayrp #actorrp #roleplay #youtuberp #skylergisondo #gay.”

This single post, with its candid and seemingly personal revelations, sparked widespread speculation. However, this account’s authenticity remains uncertain, and the post may have been part of a roleplay or a fake account altogether.

Skyler Gisondo Gay
Skyler Gisondo is all smiles with his partner, Ari. (Source: Instagram)

To set the record straight, Skyler Gisondo is not gay. Since 2018, he has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Ari Haagen.

The couple seems to be the epitome of a perfect match, dispelling any rumors about Gisondo’s sexual orientation. Gisondo, being the best boyfriend, has consistently shown his commitment to Haagen.

Haagen, born on December 17, 1997, in Los Angeles, California, has carved her own niche as a social media influencer after graduating from the USC School of Cinematic Arts in 2019.

Ari, standing at 5 feet 7 inches with a slim physique, complements Skyler’s life as a devoted girlfriend. They form a loving couple, with Ari being the perfect partner to completely straight Skyler Gisondo.

Skyler Gisondo And Ari Haagen Have Been Together For Over Five Years

Since July 2018, the charming actor Skyler Gisondo has been navigating the journey of love with his girlfriend, Ari Haagen.

Residing in the picturesque Manhattan Beach, the couple’s love story is a shining example of enduring commitment and shared dreams.

A unique highlight in their journey was during the filming of “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb” in Vancouver. Gisondo, showing love for Ari, enlisted the help of co-stars Ben Stiller and the late Robin Williams.

Together, they orchestrated a heartwarming “promposal,” a formal invitation to senior prom, capturing the moment with a three-minute comedy routine featuring Crystal the Monkey.

Skyler Gisondo Gay
The perfect couple pictured in Stagecoach Festival. (Source: Instagram)

What sets this couple apart is their shared passion for exploration. Skyler and Ari embark on various adventures together, never missing an opportunity to share their joy on their Instagram handles.

The platform serves as a virtual scrapbook of their relationship, filled with love-soaked posts, each one narrating a chapter of their shared journey.

This dynamic duo radiates happiness, portraying the essence of a happy couple, each post reflecting the joy of being soulmates.

Likewise, their Instagram feeds are a canvas of promises, dreams, and the unwavering commitment to growing old together. The couple’s public display of affection serves as an inspiration to their followers.

As the years unfold, their love story continues to captivate, leaving us all rooting for this delightful couple and the many more years of love they have ahead.

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