Sophia Smith Siblings: Meet Savannah And Gabrielle Smith, Family Tree

American soccer player Sophia Smith siblings have been living an equally interesting life. Learn more about them and their family in detail in this article.

Meet Sophia Olivia Smith, the phenomenal American soccer prodigy born on August 10, 2000. As a forward for Portland Thorns FC in the NWSL and the US national team, she has dazzled fans worldwide with her exceptional skills.

In 2022, Smith’s outstanding performance earned her the prestigious titles of NWSL Most Valuable Player and US Soccer Female Player of the Year, solidifying her status as a true soccer icon.

Recognized for her exceptional talent and dedication, Smith’s name is etched into the NWSL Best XI, a testament to her impact on the game. The future holds boundless possibilities for this dynamic and inspirational athlete.

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Sophia Smith Siblings: Meet Savannah And Gabrielle Smith

People have been wondering about the talented woman’s family as well. Therefore, “Who are Sophia Smith siblings? is trending on the internet.

Growing up in Windsor, near Fort Collins, Colorado, she was surrounded by the love and support of her two older sisters, Gabrielle and Savannah. The bond between the siblings is strong, and their shared passion for sports runs deep.

Savannah, the middle child, has proven herself as a talented basketball player, excelling at the state level. Her contributions were instrumental in leading the Northern Colorado team to victory in the 2018 Big Sky Conference basketball tournament.

She was born in 1997. Alongside her athletic achievements, Savannah has found love in her life, being in a relationship with a man named Aaron Harris.

Sophia Smith siblings
Sophia Smith shares a very loving bond with her sisters. (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Gabrielle, the eldest of the three, has followed her own path, dedicating herself to both education and sports. She was born in 1995.

She works diligently at Billie Martinez Elementary School, shaping young minds, and also contributes her expertise at the Nike Factory Outlet. Her journey as an academic has been marked by her attendance at the University of Northern Colorado from 2012 to 2017.

Notably, Gabrielle tied the knot on July 18, 2020, embracing the joy of marriage. Moreover, she has embraced the role of a loving mother, nurturing two children.

As a family, they have shared triumphs and celebrated each other’s achievements. The bond they share is not only that of sisterhood but of shared dreams and aspirations, supporting each other through every milestone.

Sophia Smith Family Tree: Parents Mollie And Kenny Smith

Sophia Smith’s journey to becoming a soccer superstar was shaped by the strong support and encouragement of her parents, Mollie and Kenny Smith. They shaped her to be the strong woman she is today.

Born into a family with a rich sporting background, Sophia inherited her athletic genes from her father, Kenny, who was a skilled basketball player during his college years at the University of Wyoming.

Kenny’s belief in his daughter’s talent became evident when Sophia was just six years old. During a 3-on-3 league game, she displayed her remarkable skills and dominated the field, leaving a lasting impression on her father.

Sophia Smith siblings
Sophia Smith’s parents are her biggest cheerleaders. (Source: Just Women’s Sports)

Before the game, she boldly proclaimed to him that she would score ten goals, and to no one’s surprise, she achieved that extraordinary feat. Kenny’s belief in Sophia’s abilities played a pivotal role in instilling confidence in her.

Mollie, Sophia’s mother, has remained relatively private, and not much is known about her in detail. However, it is evident that she, along with Kenny, has been a pillar of support for their children throughout their athletic endeavours.

The family’s journey reflects a beautiful story of unity and acceptance, as Sophia and her sister are of mixed heritage and their parents form an interracial couple.

Moreover, the Smith family has embraced Sophia’s relationship with her boyfriend, Michael Wilson, whom she met during their time at Stanford University. Michael George Wilson, a talented American football wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL, has undoubtedly found a special place within the Smith family circle.

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