Stephen Ackles Kone (Wife) Jane Gaarde: Familie Details

Stephen Ackles Kone: Delving into the life of the renowned singer, one of the intriguing questions that arises is whether he was married.

Stephen Ackles, a Norwegian-American artist, excelled as a singer, pianist, songwriter, and actor, primarily known for his rock ‘n roll music contributions.

His musical journey commenced at the age of 14, and by the time he turned fifteen, he had already secured victory in his initial talent competition.

In 1982, he formed his inaugural band, “The Silly Dream,” which went on tour across Norway as a part of “The Elvis Presley Show.”

Regrettably, the beloved artist passed away at the age of 57. His life came to a tragic end as he was discovered lifeless in his residence today.

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Stephen Ackles Kone (Wife): Did The Singer Have A Spouse?

For those inquisitive individuals seeking information about Stephen Ackles Kone, it’s worth noting that his former wife was Jane Gaarde.

Their love story and the details surrounding their divorce remain shrouded in mystery, with no online information.

The couple had two children, Martine Ackles and Allan Ackles, who appear to have enjoyed quality time with both their parents.

Despite their separation, Stephen often shared pictures with his children, suggesting a harmonious co-parenting relationship between Jane and him.

One aspect of Jane Gaarde Ackles’ life that has garnered attention is her remarkable weight transformation journey.

Over a span of ten years, she experienced a substantial weight gain of 100 kilos, and conventional dieting methods failed to yield results.

Stephen Ackles Kone
Stephen Ackles Kone: Jane Gaarde is Stephen’s ex-wife. (Source: Klikk)

Jane’s motivation for this transformation was deeply personal, as she recalls a humiliating incident when she and her children were asked to exit a carousel due to her body size.

Despite her weight struggles, Jane remained an active and involved parent.

She engaged in activities such as Slalom skiing with her children and became an assistant coach for her son Allan’s football team.

Additionally, she maintained a healthy lifestyle by engaging in a daily 2.5-hour walk and striving to stay active in various other ways.

One poignant aspect of Stephen Ackles’ life is the loss of several loved ones in a short span.

Within less than a year, he suffered the loss of his mother, ex-father-in-law, ex-wife Jane, and pianist.

However, it’s worth noting that there is no official confirmation of Jane Gaarde Ackles’ passing available at this time, leaving many questions unanswered.

Stephen Ackles Familie Details

Stephen Ackles, born on February 15, 1966, uniquely blended Norwegian and American heritage.

His mother, Bergliot Kittilsen, hailed from Norway, while his father, Allan Dale Ackles, was of American descent.

Despite his fame, there is a notable scarcity of information available about his parents and other family members.

However, Stephen’s immediate family, especially his children, played a significant role in his life and career.

Stephen Ackles Kone
Stephen Ackles Kone: Allan Ackles and Martine Ackles are Stephen and his ex wife Jane’s children. (Source: Instagram)

His kids stood as his unwavering pillars of support, fostering a strong sense of pride and unity within the Ackles family.

One of his children, Allan Ackles, carved a distinctive path in the world of sports by becoming a Norwegian champion in tag wrestling.

The fact that his son, Allan, carried forward the Ackles surname into the wrestling ring must have been a source of immense pride for Stephen.

It signified a continuation of the family name and proof of the values and dedication instilled within their familial bond.

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