Who Is Susan Asmo Baker, Tyler Christopher Sister? Brother And 3 Siblings

Delve into the article to discover Tyler Christopher sister and unveil further information about his brother and siblings.

American actor and performer Tyler Christopher was recognized as one of the most successful people in the entertainment field.

Tyler gained popularity from his roles as Nikolas Cassadine and Connor Bishop in the popular soap opera General Hospital.

Tyler moved from Ohio to Los Angeles to pursue his dream and passion for acting. When he started to go for auditions in 1993, at first, he faced several rejections, then slowly got a chance to show his skills.

Some of the significant movie projects of Tyler Christopher include Boomtown, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Crossing Jordan, and The New York City.

Such a talented person left the world for eternity on 31 October 2023, leaving the whole entertainment industry and the fans in profound grief.

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Tyler Christopher Sister, Susan Asmo Baker: Their Relationship

Tyler Christopher was born on 11 November 1972 in Joliet, Illinois, U.S. He was the youngest child to his parents, Jim and Jimi-Ann Baker.

Tyler Christopher grew up in Delaware, Ohio, and shared his childhood memories under the guidance of his two older sisters and one older brother.

Among the three siblings of the actor, Tyler Christopher sister, Susan Asmo Baker, is known to his fans and is a popular name in the media.

In 2018, Tyler Christopher suffered an intense brain injury when he fell and hit his head on the edge of the bathtub.

During that time, Tyler had to go through a Craniotomy, and the result of the surgery was good, but he had to take about two years of complete rest.

Tyler Christopher sister
Tyler Christopher sister, Susan Asmo Baker was accused of using her brother’s money and fame for personal use. (Source: Instagram)

So, to take care of him, Tyler Christopher sister, Susan Asmo Baker, got guardianship in January 2020. For more than 20 months, he was under the care of his sister.

Similarly, all his financial activities and bank accounts were handled by his sister, Susan Asmo.

However, this did not end well when Tyler Christopher accused his sister of using more than $40,000 of his money for her financial benefit without his permission.

Tyler Christopher claimed in court papers that his sister Baker misspent and improperly received reimbursement to buy her son a MacBook, cover moving costs, and pay her credit card debt.

This had highly affected the sibling’s relationship between Tyler Christopher sister and him.

Tyler Christopher Siblings: Brother And His Sister

Being the youngest of the family, Tyler Christopher received love and affection from his siblings in childhood.

However, as they started to move on with their lives and lead them on their own, their distance in connection was visible.

All of the siblings, Tyler Christopher, were over ten years older than him. This became one of the primary reasons for the siblings to be distant from one another.

Tyler Christopher sister
The detail identity and information of Tyler Christopher sisters and brother are yet to be known. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, on his social media, there are several pictures of him and his two children, but we can barely find any pictures of Tyler Christopher sister and siblings.

However, fans claimed that they had seen Tyler with his brother and sister in public places, but their relationship seems odd as Tyler rarely mentioned his siblings in his interview or any other place.

The death of Tyler Christopher has sent profound grief to the whole family; his sisters, brothers, wife, and children are mourning the death and are praying for his soul to rest in eternity.

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