Tayvin Galanakis Settlement With College Athlete For Wrong DUI Arrest

Tayvin Galanakis settlement has caused a stir on the Internet as, despite passing a Breathalyzer test, he was arrested on suspicion of intoxication.

Tayvin Galanakis is currently involved in legal proceedings against the city of Newton, its police chief, and two officers, alleging wrongful arrest.

A judge has approved the continuation of this lawsuit, prompted by a widely circulated video of Galanakis’ traffic stop.

Galanakis, who describes himself as an investor, artist, and Amazon seller on social media, is actively seeking justice in this matter.

Separately, a federal judge has allowed Galanakis’ lawsuit against the arresting officers to move forward while partially endorsing their defamation claim against him.

The crux of the lawsuit revolves around Galanakis’ assertion that his constitutional rights were violated during his 2022 traffic stop and subsequent arrest in Newton.

Authorities allege a failed sobriety test countered by a drug recognition expert’s conclusion of Galanakis’ sobriety, further corroborated by his passing of the breathalyzer test.

Despite this, Newton authorities are appealing the ruling and have initiated a countersuit against Galanakis.

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Tayvin Galanakis Settlement With College Athlete

A federal judge has ruled that Tayvin Galanakis’ lawsuit against the arresting officers can proceed while also granting part of the officers’ defamation case against him.

An Iowa college student was falsely arrested for suspected DUI, despite showing no signs of intoxication and registering a 0.00 blood-alcohol level on a breathalyzer test.

Tayvin Galanakis Settlement
Tayvin Galanakis was arrested despite passing a Breathalyzer test (Source: YouTube)

The individual has filed a lawsuit against the officer responsible. Following a lengthy legal battle, a federal court has allowed the case to proceed.

In August 2022, 19-year-old Tayvin Galanakis was pulled over by local police officers Nathan Winters and Christopher Wing while driving late at night in Newton, Iowa.

Body camera footage reveals that Winters promptly questioned Galanakis about his alcohol consumption upon stopping him.

Despite Galanakis denying drinking, Winters proceeded to administer field sobriety tests instead of a breathalyzer test as suggested by Galanakis.

Despite appearing sober, Galanakis was claimed to have failed these tests by Winters. Subsequently, a breathalyzer test administered by Winters confirmed Galanakis’ sobriety.

However, rather than releasing Galanakis, Winters focused on questioning him about marijuana usage.

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Tayvin Galanakis Faced A Wrong DUI Arrest

Tayvin Galanakis faced a wrongful DUI arrest in Iowa after being pulled over by local police officers despite showing no signs of intoxication.

Subsequently, Galanakis was arrested and transported to a local police station for further drug testing, all of which returned negative results.

Shortly after the arrest, Galanakis released edited body camera footage of the incident, which stirred significant backlash online, garnering over 2 million views on YouTube.

In February 2023, Galanakis initiated a lawsuit alleging wrongful arrest and a violation of his civil rights by the officers.

Tayvin Galanakis Settlement
A recent ruling favored Galanakis, suggesting Officer Winters likely violated his rights (Source: The Des Moines Register)

However, Officers Winters and Wing responded with a countersuit, accusing Galanakis of making defamatory statements online following the incident.

A federal judge recently ruled in Galanakis’s favor, finding Officer Winters likely violated his constitutional rights by lacking probable cause for the arrest, allowing the case to proceed.

This determination was based on the observation that Galanakis’s behavior did not resemble that of an intoxicated individual.

This ruling reflects other instances of wrongful DUI arrests, like a 2020 case in Colorado where a sober man received a $400,000 settlement after being wrongly arrested.

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