Meet Ted Cohen Ryan Cohen Father: Family Tree

Whenever there is a conversation on investment, Ryan Cohen is always included. His strong commitment and strategy always amaze people. Explore Ryan Cohen father and family herein to learn more about him.

Ryan Cohen is a Canadian entrepreneur, activist investor, and current chairman of GameStop – An American video games and gaming merchandise retailer.

Cohen was also the co-founder of Chewy the retailer which he founded with his friend Michael Day. However, he stepped down as CEO of Chewy in 2018, stating that he had to pursue personal goals and spend time with the family. 

In 2021, Ryan made a big comeback in the investment and retailer business. He joined the Gamestop board along with two chewy executives. 

Cohen was soon appointed as chairman following the annual shareholder meeting, which triggered a stock rally, and within two weeks, the stock of Gamestop had increased by a large percentage.

Cohen’s strategic ideas and ordinate plans have always facilitated the company where he is involved.

Meet Ryan Cohen Father: Ted Cohen

Ryan Cohen often mentioned his father, Ted Cohen whenever asked about his inspiration. He cited his father as the mentor, best friend, advisor, and most prominent advocate.

Similarly, he also mentioned that he learned everything he learned from empathy to the principle of making money by following his late father’s footsteps.

Ryan’s father Ted Cohen, used to run a glassware-importing business and was punctual and sincere towards his work. 

Ted knew the importance of all workers in a business and had a principle of working and standing together. 

Ted greatly admired truck drivers, construction workers, warehouse employees, and small company owners. This clearly shows he knew who was the one to encounter actual business and hard work.

Ryan Cohen Father
Ryan Cohen is the chairperson at Gamestop. (Source: Twitter)

Ryan always walked in his father’s footwork and suggestion, and he claimed that one of the many reasons for the successful establishment of Chewy and investing was his father.

The five principles Ted said to Ryan are always the first things he takes care of in his business. The five principles include: Watching the expenses, Delighting the customers, Being the person others want to follow, taking the long view, and trusting yourself. 

Ted Cohen died in December 2019; this incident resulted in the biggest shock in Ryan’s life. However, following his father’s guidelines and remembering Ted’s principles, Ryan is reaching to the new footsteps and significant achievements.

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Ryan Cohen Family Tree

Ryan Cohen was born in 1986 and has marked 38 years old as of 2023. His exact birth date is still unknown to the public.

Cohen was born to a Jewish family in Montreal, Canada as a son of Ted Cohen and Ryan’s mother, the information about his mother has not been disclosed yet. 

However, he seems a loving son to his parents. In his Twitter post of May 14, 2023, he wishes Mother’s Day by introducing a new Gamestop Gift card. Similarly, Ryan was close to his father and respected him from his heart.

Although Ryan has not disclosed his family, he is expected to be married and has a son. In 2018 when he decided to step down as Chewy Chairman and focus on his family. People estimate that he is married and expected to have a baby.

Ryan Cohen Father
Ryan Cohen has a loving family and he cares about his family. (Source: Entreprenuer)

The Gamestop chairman Ryan had already become a father by 2020. Besides this single information, there are not any details about his partner. Maybe he is already married or is dating someone. 

Ryan knows to run his business and also maintain his family relation considering the family in the business deal and decision he makes. 

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