THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME coming on Netflix- Release Dates and What to expect?

“DELUSION!” shouts Robert Pattinson as he addresses the mass in his church. This is one of the scenes from ‘The Devil All the Time’ trailer that stuck for a long time. We bet many of you folks can not wait to see this movie with this stellar casts.

The said movie is making its way to Netflix in September. And before you dive right into the film, it will be better to know a bit. You know what they say, it is better to be prepared than not.

‘The Devil All The Time’ will be released in Netflix

In a time where streaming services are playing a significant role, upcoming horror film, The Devil All The Time, is meant to release on Netflix this September on 16, 2020. Rather than delaying their theatrical debut because of the global pandemic; the representatives chose to go with the streaming service instead.

Not that it was going to release in the theater anyway, from what we heard. Likewise, the movie has been getting a lot of buzzes both from the book fans and thanks to its stellar casts.

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The movie features A-list actors like Tom Holland, Bill Skarsgard, Riley Keough, Jason Clarke, and many others. But from the trailer, we are anticipating seeing Robert Pattinson.

The Movie Premise and Production

Even though he has shed his teen vampire from Twilight and given us movies like The Lighthouse, we still can’t wait to see him in something else. Not only that, but get ready to see our ‘Spiderman’ in a new avatar as well.

The movie features Robert as an unholy preacher, twisted couple, and crooked sheriff who converge around young Arvin Russell, played by Tom Holland, as he fights the evil forces that threaten in and his family.

The Devil All The Time casts
The Devil All The Time features some A-list actors

Focused on these characters in a small Ohio town; the trailer wisely does not reveal much about the plot, which makes it more appealing to the audiences. Like us.

To make this movie, Antonio Campos took the writer and director job while Jake Gyllenhaal served as a producer. The film and casts were announced back in September 2018.

‘The Devil All The Time’ is based on the novel of the same name.

Many might not know this, but this movie, which has encapsulated so many people with its stellar casts, has an equally compelling story as well. Maybe it relies on the fact that the film was based on the novel of the same name by Donald Ray Pollock.

The Devil All The Time novel
The Devil All The Time is based on the novel of the same name

Published in 2011, the thriller book was described by Josh Ritter for The New York Times, as “sickly beautiful as it is hard-boiled. Scenes have a rare and unsettling ability to make the reader woozy, the ends of the chapters flicking like black horseflies ff the page.” 

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Moreover, the French literary publication ‘Lire‘ named the novel as the best novel of the year in 2012.

Well, it seems that we are not the only ones waiting to watch this movie desperately. Let’s hope the film lives up to the hype and does not belong to the tier of “Never should have been made into the movie” tier.

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