Tim Membrey Family: Meet His Sister Sherry And Nephew Foxx

Are you curious to know about AFL player Tim Membrey family? Delve into the write-up to get detailed insights into Tim’s sister, siblings, and family.

Australian rules Footballer Tim Membrey plays for the St. Kilda Football Club in the Australian Football League.

29 Years old Memberly started his career in 2013 with the Sydney club in his college days.

Tim signed for St. Kilda in 2015, and he plays as the forward for the team.

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Get To Know About Tim Membrey Family Details

Tim Membrey was born on 26 May. 1994 in Traralgon, Australia, as the loving son of his father, Mr. Membrey, and mother, Sue Duncan-Membrey.

Tim’s parents’ details are unavailable; however, through his Instagram posts, it is crystal clear that he is close to his parents, who are also dearest to him.

On his Instagram post, the player often shares memories of him spending time with his parents. During his childhood, his parents were enthusiastic about him playing ball.

In high school, Tim’s parents encouraged him to participate in the Auskick program at Traralgon. That is when he was noticed by the Sydney sports agency and got scouted.

Moreover, Tim Membrey family comprises his parents and one sibling sister, his wife, and daughters.

Tim Membrey married his love of life, Emily Membery, in November 2020. The couple is blessed with two daughters.

Tim Membrey Family
Tim Membrey Family: his loving wife and elder daughter Wrenny Roo. (Source: Instagram)

His elder daughter, Wrenny Roo Membrey, was born on 23 June 2021, and his younger daughter, Beau Hazel Membrey, was born on 26 June 2023.

Tim’s love for his daughter is incredible. The time he spends with his adorable princess is most precious to him.

The way he smiles and has a proud and lovable expression depicts Membrey’s love for his daughters.

Tim Membrey family often attends his matches and championships. His parents, sister, wife, and daughter are seen encouraging and cheering him up.

In June 2023, Membrey encountered a severe knee injury, which resulted in almost eight weeks of bed rest and further adequate rest. 

At this time, Tim is with his family at home rest and has taken leave from sports for some time. He is recovering slowly and gradually, receiving lots of care and love from his family.

Who Are Tim Membrey, Sister Sherryn Membrey, And Nephew Foxx?

Tim Membrey shared most of his childhood playing and spending time with his sister Sherryn Membrey. Tim has mentioned several times that he is very close with his sister and loves her.

Tim Membrey’s sister Sherryn is a mother to a son, Foxx. The story related to the Foxx’s birth is connected to the tragic events of the death of an essential family member.

Sherryn was to be married to Jordy Webster within a month, but sadly, Jordy passed away when she was six months pregnant with Foxx.

Jordy’s death was a sudden and tragic loss in the family, and it affected the bride-to-be and mother-to-be Sherryn to her inner core. 

Tim Membrey Family
Tim Membrey has a loving sister and his nephew is the most dear to him. (Source: Instagram)

During that time, Tim Membrey, his parents, and his wife stayed alongside Sherryn to encourage her to live for herself and her son.

Now, Tim Membrey is like a father figure to his Nephew Foxx. Similarly, Tim has mentioned that he is the particular little person in Tim’s life.

Moreover, Sherryn’s son Foxx is a sports enthusiast and loves to spend his time with his uncle Tim.

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