Titi Ahubert Wikipedia And Edad: Marido Daniel Sauer And Hija Isabella

Titi Ahubert wikipedia: Get to know her beyond the headlines and discover the woman behind the public persona.

MarĂ­a Isabel Ahubert, widely recognized as Titi Ahubert, was once a prominent Chilean model and journalist who has since chosen a life away from the media spotlight.

Her sudden departure from the media scene has left fans and well-wishers curious about her current endeavors.

While once a familiar face, Ahubert has opted for a life away from the public eye, sparking intrigue about her journey and activities since stepping out of the limelight.

Followers are eager to learn more about this enigmatic transition and the path she has chosen for herself. Read on as we uncover Titi Ahubert wikipedia and family life. 

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Titi Ahubert Wikipedia And Edad: How Old Is The Former Model?

Titi Ahubert was born on September 10, 1978. She turned 45 years old in 2023.

However, the evergreen beauty still looks like she is in her 20s.

While not much is known about her early life, family, or educational background, she briefly co-hosted a program alongside Daniella Campos in the late 90s, which regrettably led to a significant falling out.

This dispute marked the end of her television career. Despite her withdrawal from the public eye, Titi Ahubert did make a special appearance on the CHV program, “La Divina Comida.”

During her time on the show, she reminisced about notable episodes from her personal life, including the infamous “mechoneo” incident involving Daniella Campos and her relationship with the Mexican singer Cristian Castro.

Titi Ahubert Wikipedia
Titi Ahubert loves playing instruments. (Source: Instagram)

Titi Ahubert made it clear that she has no intention of returning to the screen, mainly due to financial reasons.

Her absence from television spans several years, and she is content with her current occupation.

In 2016, she decided to delve into ceramics, eventually co-founding a pottery company with six like-minded friends.

They craft dishes and other ceramic pieces, operating with a low-profile approach.

Titi expressed her satisfaction with this venture: “I think I earned a lot in the ceramics workshop. It’s not that much either, but it’s enough to survive.”

Despite her affinity for television, Titi Ahubert has chosen to stay away from it, citing the aggressiveness of the industry as a significant deterrent.

At 45, she has found her niche in the world of ceramics and, alongside her friends, continues to create beautiful and functional pottery in “La Puerta Roja.”

Titi Ahubert Has A Hija, Isabella, From A Previous Relationship 

Titi Ahubert has had an intriguing and somewhat private love life.

Despite being in the limelight during her heydays, she managed to keep certain aspects of her personal life under wraps.

One such well-kept secret is the identity of the father of her daughter, Isabella Pardos.  The beautiful and charming young lady is undoubtedly the apple of Titi’s eye.

However, the world is still unaware of who the mystery man from Titi’s past is. She has maintained a dignified silence on this matter, respecting her daughter’s privacy.

Titi’s journey as a mother began when she was living in Mexico with her first husband. However, their togetherness was short-lived, and they eventually got separated.

Titi Ahubert Wikipedia
Titi Ahubert considers her hija, Isabella, her best friend. (Source: Instagram)

In 2006, she made the heartfelt decision to return to her homeland, Chile, with her beloved daughter, Isabella. Since then, they have been living in their home country.

Likewise, Titi has embraced a new chapter in her life with her second husband. The couple now shares a joyful life with Isabella as an integral part of their family.

Isabella, whose age and birth year remain undisclosed, celebrates her birthday every year on August 9th. The beautiful lady has definitely inherited all the good genes from her parents.

With all this, we can rightly say that Isabella is undeniably lucky to have Titi as her mother, and Titi, in turn, is blessed to have such a loving daughter.

Titi Ahubert Is Married To Marido Daniel Sauer And Has Two Other Children

Titi Ahubert’s life is a beautiful example of love, success, and a flourishing family. She is married to Daniel Sauer, the founder of Factop and STF Corredores de Bolsa.

Together, they form a couple that’s not only thriving in their professional lives but is also deeply in love on a personal level. The connection between Titi and Daniel shows enduring love.

Despite the passage of time, they continue to radiate the warmth of newlyweds. Their love story is magnetic whether they’re seen on romantic getaways or sharing family dinners.

Titi Ahubert Wikipedia
Titi Ahubert has found her soulmate in her marido, Daniel Sauer. (Source: Instagram)

Titi doesn’t hold back in expressing her affection for Daniel, often taking to social media to share their journey together. He is, undoubtedly, the love of her life, and their bond inspires many.

Not only is Titi a loving wife, but she’s also a doting mother. In addition to Isabella, Titi and Daniel are proud parents to two more children, Colomba and Martin.

In the whirlwind of life, Titi Ahubert and Daniel Sauer remind us that love, success, and a beautiful family are indeed attainable, making them the perfect couple and role models for us all.

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