Todd Matshikiza Religion: Was He Christian? Family Ethnicity

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Todd Tozama Matshikiza was a South African jazz pianist, composer, and journalist. 

During his career period, Todd composed songs and choral works. His specialty was blending African traditional and European classical styles, particularly Hamba Kahle.

Matshikiza was serious about music and his passion for it. He founded the Todd Matshikiza School of Music, where he taught newcomers to music interested in piano, jazz, and composition.

Some popular songs of legendary musician Todd Matshikiza are King Kong, Better Than New, Wedding Hymn, Death Song, Damn Him, and Quickly In Love.

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Todd Matshikiza Religion: The Late Musician Was A Christian

Todd Matshikiza was born in 1921 in Komani, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. He was brought up in a Christian family.

The principles and ideologies of Christianity were profound in the family, and Todd also comprehended the verses and values imparted by the Bible.

Todd graduated from St. Peter’s College in Rosettenville, Johannesburg, and it was indeed a Christian college.

Todd has also written several songs based on the glory of Jesus and his works for humankind.

Saying that Todd Matshikiza was Christian would be wrong to say he did not respect other religions. Todd is known for his humanitarian virtue and inclusive nature.

Although Todd Matshikiza was steeped in Christian tradition from childhood, he followed the rules of humanity in his independent and creative life.

Todd Matshikiza Religion
Todd Matshikiza followed Christianity and upheld the ideologies of the religion. (Source: Gettyimages)

Todd Matshikiza religion was Christian, but his values are with humanity. If religion offers good, Todd appreciated that, but if it fails to protect humankind, Todd criticized the religious orthodoxy and its political influences.

Todd’s true nature was praised by the followers of Trevor Huddleston, Nelson Mandela, and Oliver Tambo. In return, Todd responded to them with masterpieces like Makhaliphile and Uxolo.

Even though Todd Matshikiza was a non-practicing Christian in his adult years, one of his greatest works was inspired by his friend, Father Trevor Huddleston.

Thus, Todd Matshikiza religion values revolve around the Christian principle and the services to humanity.

Todd Matshikiza Family Ethnicity, Native Of Eastern Cape Province

Todd Matshikiza was born as the youngest son of his father, Samuel Bokwe Matshikiza, and his mother, Grace Ngqoyi Matshikiza, as the youngest of seven children.

The culture and ethnicity of the Matshikiza family belong to the South African community and black race.

Todd Matshikiza was the upholder of his culture and ethnicity; he fought for the rights his community must gain to be part of the society.

Todd Matshikiza was the writer-activist against racial discrimination, ethnical gangster culture, and the apartheid system.

In the 1960s, Todd wrote tons of rebel papers against the system, and he and his family went into exile in London in 1961.

Todd Matshikiza Religion
Todd Matshikiza belongs to South African Nationality and Black ethnicity. (Source: Youtube)

 Even when Todd resided in London and collaborated with famous musicians, he continued promoting African music to a broader audience.

When he was a British journalist, Todd also wrote papers on African traditional music.

Living in London introduced Todd to the exposure to the classical music. With this inspiration, Todd Matshikiza created a unique blend of the African-European tone known as Hamba Kahle.

We can conclude that Todd Matshikiza deeply apprehended the roots he came from and worked on promoting and preserving the culture, and ethnicity he belongs to.

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