Top 10 Most Followed Tik Tok Celebrities of 2020

The social media platform has proven time and again, its importance in the present society that is continually growing and evolving. Especially during this pandemic, almost all people have found solace on the internet. Today, we will be listing ‘Top 10 Most Followed Celebrities on Tik Tok.’ 

As many know, Tik Tok has grown in a couple of years exponentially. From having a few thousand to now millions of users, it has become the most prominent social media alongside YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Not to mention, with growing users varying from teenagers to celebrities, Tik Tok has proven its worth. So, who is at the top of the chain? Let’s find out.

10.Brent Rivera- 27.2 million Followers

Brent Rivera is the newest edition to the Tik Tok family who entered the Top 10 list. Rivera is a 22 years old American YouTuber, social media personality, and actor.

Brent Rivera
Brent Rivera

Not to mention, he is also the co-founder and CEO of the Amp Studios, a talent incubator, and content group. He has over 27.2 million followers, with over 717.6 million likes.

9.Faisal Shaikh- 28.2 million Followers

Faisal Shaikh beats Brent Rivera with just 1 million more followers to cover the ninth position on this list. Also, Shaikh has over 1 billion likes with only 276 posts so far. With a follower of 12.1 million on his Instagram, Faisal is an Internet sensation nonetheless.

10 Most Followed Tik Tokers
Faisal Shaikh

Other than being a Tik Toker, Shaikh is also a model and actor. Straight from Mumbai, India, this 25-year-old is one of the South Asian to be in the list.

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Likewise, his dashing style and charisma have brought millions of fans on his way, creating more fame for him.

8.Spencer X- 29.7 million Followers

Spencer Knight also known as Spencer X on the viral social media, is a beatboxer and a social media personality. He has been on the spotlight for his innovative beatboxing videos.

10 Most Followed Tik Tokers
Spencer Knight

Unlike others, Tik Tok was the platform that this 28-year-old beatboxer from New York got famous for. In fact, he has an active YouTube channel where he has over 1.84 million subscribers already.

But there is no hiding that Tik Tok put his fame into a new height. As of now, Spencer has garnered 679.9 million likes already.

7.Baby Ariel- 33 million Followers

Next on the list is Ariel Rebecca Martin who goes by the name Ariel Martin in the popular social media. Other than being a famous Tik Toker, she is also an award-winning social media personality, singer, and actress.

10 Most Followed Tik Tokers
Baby Ariel

Ariel is 19 years old but has already appeared in two television movies produced by Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. Also, in 2017, Martin was recognized as one of the influential people on the internet by Time Magazine.

Moreover, she also won the 2016 and 2017’s Teen Choice Award for Choice Muser.

6.Riyaz- 38.8 million Followers

Another Tik Toker from India who has made it on the list is Riyaz whose real name is Riyaz Aly. At the age of 15, this young star has garnered over 38.8 million followers, with more than 1.7 billion likes on his profile.

10 Most Followed Tik Tokers
Riyaz Aly

Unlike other Tik Tokers, Riyaz encourages his fans and followers to make videos with him, which are often goes viral.

5.Addison Rae- 40.68 million Followers

Among the many celebrities who found fame from the very app Tik Tok, Addison Rae’s name pops off among many. She downloaded this app in July 2019 and has not gone back since.

10 Most Followed Tik Tokers
Addison Rae

Similarly, the internet platform has given Rae to show her energetic dance moves and choreography, giving her leverage to fame in social media. So far, young Addison has gathered 2.1 billion likes with more than 40.8 million followers.

4.Tik Tok- 40.8 million Followers

Coming at number 4 is our very own Tik Tok that has more than a billion active monthly users. The profile mainly focuses on featuring their new content and sharing the updates for the app while some are introducing their creators and team behind the global brand.

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3.Zach King- 43.2 million Followers

Originally from Vine, Zach King is someone who is dominating in Tik Tok as well. Since the disbandment of Vine back in 2017, Zachary Michael King, 30, is an American Tik Toker, video maker, filmmaker, and a successful YouTuber.

King has taken his magic content video from the YouTube channel to a new platform, Tik Toker. With almost 7 million subscribers on YouTube, Zach is already a familiar name in social media.

Likewise, the talented man has over 43.2 million Followers and garnered more than 472 million likes on her profile. If you are into magic, then his content might be the one for you folks.

2.Loren Gray- 43.3 million Followers

Landing in on the second position is Loren Gray Beech, who is an American singer and social media personality. She is also signed to Virgin Records and Capitol Records. Now, she is getting fame, with over 43.3 million followers already on her profile.

10 Most Followed Tik Tokers
Loren Gray

Not to mention, Gray has over 2.4 billion likes where she uploads her songs and often duets with other Tik Tokers.

1.Charli D’Amelio- 56.2 million Followers

Now, comes someone who literally rose as a social media star thanks to Tik Tok. It is none other than Charlie D’Amelio, who became an internet sensation overnight.

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Known for her creative choreography and powerful moves, Charlie is one of the youngest stars to be accessible through the app.

The 16-year-old has garnered the love of 56.2 million followers with more than 3.9 billion likes beating the likes of many celebrities and others on this list. This just goes to show how popular Charli really is.



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