Who Is Tornike Gogrichiani Wife Nino Koridze? Kids And Family

Playing a tormentor of families on screen has garnered a lot of attention towards Tornike Gogrichiani wife, kids and personal life. In this article get to know the real persona of the actor. 

Extraction, featuring Chris Hemsworth, did proper justice to its source material, the novel ‘Ciudad‘. The movie’s success and fame have led the makers to add a new movie to the franchise.

Enter Tornike Gogrichiani, a talented actor who plays the menacing antagonist in the movie. Matching the skills and energy of Hollywood’s biggest hotshot, Tornike has impressed everyone.

Born on October 10, 1986, in Kutaisi, Georgia, part of the then Soviet Union, Tornike always had the gift of acting. However, he joined the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Institute at Georgia State University only after trying his luck in architecture instead.

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in drama and theater from the university, he started his career as a theater actor. Learn more about this actor’s life below.

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Meet Tornike Gogrichiani Wife Nino Koridze

The magnificent actor is happily tied down with the wonderful woman, Nino Koridze. Tornike Gogrichiani’s wife is also a Georgian actress and model who has made a name for herself because of her unique screen presence.

Nino’s IMDb profile credits her with prominent performances in ‘Tbilisuri Love Story,’ ‘Tiflisi,” and ‘Kepler.’ Active in the entertainment industry since 1989, she has also given performances in many other movies and has named herself a niche artist in the drama, comedy, and short film genres.

Tornike Gogrichiani wife
Nino Koridze is a talented actress with her own niche fan following. (Source: Instagram)

Born on January 27, her exact birth date and place are not well known. Nino Koridze’s parents and family also like to live outside of the limelight, keeping their lives private. Nevertheless, she has been well supported by her family.

A person of multiple talents, she is also a production designer and costume designer, according to her Instagram. However, the actress’s public credit does not include where she earned her education and training.

Unfortunately, the details of Nino and Tornike’s dating and married lives are not publicly available. It has, however, been said that they have been together for the last decade, living a happy life together and building a beautiful family.

She is known to be a very supportive spouse and recognized by Tornike for so in his many public appearances.

Tornike Gogrichiani Kids And Family

Growing up in Georgia, it has been said that Tornike had a very loving and comfortable upbringing. While his parents and siblings are away from limelight, it can be speculated that he has been supported by them on his journey, regardless of the destination he chose.

According to The Cinemaholic, Tornike and Nino have a daughter together, Natasha Gogrichiani. While the birth date of the sweet kid is not available to the public, she seems to be on her pre-teens. The couple is seen posting sweet pictures of their daughter on their social media accounts.

Tornike Gogrichiani wife
Tornike is known to be a dotting father and a wonderful partner. (Source: Instagram)

Tornike’s Instagram especially looks like an album dedicated to his daughter. It is safe to say Natasha is growing up in a very loving environment with an admirable legacy.

However, Nino is often seen posting about a boy, speculated to be her son, named Irakli. While the son is rumored to be from her previous relationship, there is no authentic source or words from Nino to confirm or deny the news. Irakli seems very close to Tornike as well, spending quality time with the family.

A person of multiple talents, including photography, the talented actor is blessed in his personal life as well. Tornike Gogrichiani’s wife, kids, and family all seem to be happy around him, supporting him in every endeavor.

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