Who Is Tyson Beckford Sister Shanique Beckford? Family Tree

Who is Tyson Beckford sister? How many siblings does he have? Unveil the family details of the popular model.

Tyson Beckford is an American model and actor. He is known for his appearance as a Ralph Lauren Polo model.

Similarly, Tyson also hosted two seasons of the Bravo program Make Me a Supermodel.

Started his career in 1992 as a model for the Hip hop magazine; Tyson Beckford has paved a long way to make a name and fame in the glamour world.

In the present Tyson scenario, Tyson is considered one of the most successful black male supermodels ever.

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Tyson Beckford sister, Shanique Beckford: Siblings Details

Tyson was born in Rochester, New York, as the son of his mother, Hillary Dixon Hall, and his father, Lloyd Beckford.

Tyson grew up receiving love from his parents and support from his siblings. The model has two siblings: one brother, Patrick Beckford, and a sister, Shanique Beckford.

Tyson Beckford sister, Shanique Beckford, is unknown to the fans and media. Tyson barely mentions his sister and siblings as he is traumatized by his brother’s story.

Tyson Beckford sister is slightly seen in the old Facebook post of Tyson around 2010s and earlier. But apart from that, Shanique Beckford is nowhere to be seen.

Tyson’s fans believe that his sister is a private person who looks after her own family and lives with her husband and children.

Furthermore, Tyson Beckford has an elder brother, Patrick Beckford. But he was unfortunately killed in the streets.

Tyson Beckford Sister
Tyson Beckford’s brother was killed in the streets of new York. (Source: facebook)

Tyson Beckford’s brother, Patrick, reportedly died at twenty-four. The unfortunate incident happened in the late 80s or early 90s. Tyson is likely to be five to ten years younger than him.

Tyson Beckford and his brother Patrick used to perform on the streets, but later, elder brother Patrick suggested Tyson try something on a large scale as he has talent in him.

However, his brother went away from him at a young age. His brother suggested Tyson try his fate in the modeling field and do something respected and liked by many, unlike him. Thus, Tyson considers himself his inspiration and teacher.

Tyson Beckford Parents And Family Tree

Tyson was born and raised in a mixed ethnicity and race family. His mother, Hillary, is of Afro-Jamican nationality, and his father, Lloyd, is of Chinese-Jamaican descent.

Although Tyson was born in New York, his mother took the family back to Jamaica and lived there for about seven years. His parental grandparents were of Chinese origin and migrated to Jamaica in later days.

Tyson Beckford Sister
Tyson Beckford with his father and mother. (Source: Facebook)

Tyson Beckford often mentions that his exotic facial feature and unique physique is from mixed culture and race. Altogether, Tyson has African-American, African-Panaanian, and Chinese ancestry.

 His private and intimate life is well known to the public, and fans consider it a huge mess. His first known relationship was with Bridget Hall in 1996, lasting about a year. 

After that, he dated April Roomet, with whom he had a son, Jodern Beckford, born in 1998. Tyson and Jordan are more like a best friend. The father-son duo is loved by many.

Tyson Beckford Sister
Tyson Beckford has a grown up son. (Source: Facebook)

When April and Tyson separated, he became a single parent and provided for his son. After that, Tyson had a relationship with several other girls. He even married Berniece Julin but got separated in months.

It is not known with whom the model currently shares his intimate relationship.

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