Animal Control Is Vella Lovell Lesbian Or Has A Boyfriend?

Is Vella Lovell lesbian? Originally from California but raised in New Mexico, it might come as shocking to many to learn that the actress has been questioned about her sexual orientation.

Vella Lovell, an American actress of African and European descent, has gained recognition for her versatile roles in television and film.

Lovell is celebrated for her roles as Heather Davis in “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and as the voice of Mermista in “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power,” demonstrating her versatility.

Born in 1985 in New Mexico, she stands at a height of 1.75 meters. Having pursued her passion for acting, Lovell earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University.

She further honed her skills at the Juilliard School, obtaining a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Her journey into acting was shaped by her experiences at the Interlochen Arts Academy and her early aspirations of becoming a concert pianist.

Despite her initial career aspirations, Lovell found her true calling in acting, captivating audiences with her performances.

Beyond her notable roles in television and animation, she has also appeared in acclaimed films such as “The Big Sick” and “Mr. Mayor.”

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Animal Control: Is Vella Lovell Lesbian?

Vella Lovell has been in a relationship with actor John Garet Stoker since 2019, dispelling any rumors about her sexual orientation. She is not lesbian.

On John’s Instagram are delightful short videos featuring Vella behind the camera, engaging him with amusing questions.

Their charming interactions are certainly worth watching. In addition to their dynamic partnership, Vella enjoys a fulfilling life with her two beloved cats, Tequila and Marlo.

Vella Lovell Lesbian
Vella Lovell is not lesbian; she has been dating John Garet Stoker since 2019 (Source: AmoMama)

Garet Stoker, recognized for his roles in various TV shows and movies such as “Eye Candy,” “CSI: Vegas,” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” is an actor based in Los Angeles.

He has graced productions at the Geffen Playhouse and holds a degree from Carnegie Mellon University.

John shares glimpses of his life and career on social media, where he has a significant following on Instagram and maintains an official Facebook page for updates.

Vella Lovell’s show “Animal Control,” premiered on February 16, 2023. Lovell is among the ensemble cast, featuring alongside Joel McHale, Michael Rowland, and Ravi Patel.

It is a series produced by Roughhouse Productions and Middletown News, focusing on a team of local Animal Control workers.

The American sitcom, a single-camera comedy, has completed two seasons, though details about Lovell’s character remain unspecified.

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Does Vella Lovell Have A Boyfriend?

Yes, Vella Lovell indeed has a boyfriend. Based on social media activity, Vella was in a relationship with actor Michael Braun from approximately 2016 to 2017.

On the flip side, she entered into a relationship with actor John Stoker circa 2019, and they remain together presently, frequently posting photos of each other on their Instagram.

Talking a bit about Lovell’s work, she shines as Heather Davis in “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” praised for her evolving character, comedic talent, and depth as an actress.

Vella Lovell Lesbian
Vella Lovell previously dated Michael Braun (Source: Legendsbio)

Additionally, her involvement in projects like “FRIEND THERAPY,” a web series she co-wrote and starred in, highlights her creative versatility beyond traditional mediums.

With a background encompassing prestigious theatrical productions and television appearances, Lovell’s talent continues to shine across various platforms.

As she continues to explore diverse roles and projects, she remains a captivating presence in the entertainment industry, earning admiration from fans and peers alike.

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