Who Is Tim Odillo Maher, Victoria Montano Husband? Relationship Timeline

“Who is Victoria Montano husband?” If you’re curious to know more about the man behind the RHOS star’s smiles, you’ve come to the right place.

Victoria Montano, the multifaceted powerhouse behind the athleisure brand Sport Luxe, is making waves as a prominent figure in both the fashion and television realms.

As a cast member of the highly anticipated series, “The Real Housewives of Sydney,” Victoria’s dynamic personality and keen fashion sense captivate audiences.

Beyond her role in the spotlight, Victoria is an accomplished equestrian, frequently sharing her adventures in horse riding on social media with a gelding named Malcolm.

Victoria effortlessly spans real estate, PR, marketing, and events, seamlessly transitioning from her role with Australian menswear label Brent Wilson to international experiences in Asia.

Victoria Montano continually reshapes modern elegance, blending creativity and business acumen while curating private shopping experiences and hosting trunk shows for emerging brands.

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Victoria Montano Husband Tim Odillo Maher Is  Into Finance

Victoria Montano’s heart is not only captured by the fashion world but also by her husband, Tim Odillo Maher, a prominent figure in finance.

While the precise wedding date remains undisclosed, their intimate ceremony at Jonah’s Whale Beach, attended by 42 close family and friends, marked the commencement of a love-filled journey blessed by those dearest to them.

Their relationship, veiled in secrecy regarding its early days, recently marked a significant milestone with the celebration of their 10th wedding anniversary.

Victoria Montano husband, Tim Odillo Maher, professionally known as the Chief Executive Officer at FSA Group, plays a pivotal role in the financial sector.

Victoria Montano Husband
Victoria Montano husband is full of love and respect for her. (Source: Real Weddings)

Serving as an Executive Director, Maher has been contributing to the board of directors since his appointment on July 30, 2002.

Armed with a Bachelor of Business Degree with a major in Accounting and Finance from the Australian Catholic University, he is also a Certified Practising Accountant.

Beyond his professional achievements, Maher is not only a talented businessman but also a devoted husband. The couple’s enduring relationship stands as a beacon of love and partnership.

Victoria Montano and Tim Odillo Maher’s journey, from the enchanting wedding at Jonah’s Whale Beach to a decade of marital bliss, reflects a harmonious blend of personal happiness and professional success.

Maher’s commitment to his role as CEO and director also mirrors the dedication he brings to his marriage, making him not only a financial wizard but also a loving and supportive life partner.

Victoria And Tim Are Parents To Two Amazing Children: Family And Realtionship Timeline

Victoria Montano and Tim Odillo Maher’s love story extends beyond their enchanting union in 2013—it has blossomed into a heartwarming family of four.

Welcoming their firstborn son, Xavier Odillo Maher, and a delightful daughter, Theodora Thais Odillo Maher, this couple has embraced the joys of parenthood.

The family’s journey began with a special twist, as Victoria was already carrying the precious gift of their son Xavier during their wedding.

The announcement, shared on Victoria’s Instagram post commemorating their wedding anniversary, added an extra layer of joy to their celebration.

Victoria Montano Husband
The loving family of four pictured on a vacation to Villa d’Este. (Source: Instagram)

Presently, the Maher family finds joy in spending quality time together, exploring various corners of the world, and embarking on adventurous escapades.

Their shared experiences strengthen the family bond, creating lasting memories for the parents and their two remarkable children.

Theodora, the youngest member of the Maher family, is following in her mother’s footsteps, displaying a penchant for horse riding at an early age.

Her fearlessness and achievements at such a tender age fill her family with immense pride. As she grows, Theodora is poised to become a fearless young woman, drawing inspiration from her supportive and loving parents.

Victoria and Tim stand as proud, loving, and supportive parents, providing their children with a nurturing environment to grow and flourish.

Though still in their formative years, Xavier and Theodora are poised to develop into talented and grateful individuals inspired by the remarkable example set by their parents.

The Maher family, built on a foundation of love and shared experiences, is sowing the seeds for a future filled with achievements, gratitude, and boundless possibilities.

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