Wab Kinew Siblings: Is His Sister Name Nahanni Fontaine?

Wab Kinew siblings: Wab has an impressive family legacy and shares his journey with his accomplished sister, Nahanni Fontaine.

Wab Kinew is a Canadian politician set to become the Premier of Manitoba.

Since September 16, 2017, he has led the Manitoba New Democratic Party (NDP) and served as the Opposition leader.

His constituency is Fort Rouge in the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba.

Before diving into politics, Kinew had a diverse career. He was a musician, broadcaster, and university administrator.

Many recognize him as a host on CBC Radio and CBC Television.

His journey from the arts and media to politics showcases his adaptability and commitment to public service.

Kinew’s leadership has been marked by dedication and a vision for Manitoba’s future.

He has worked tirelessly to address the needs of his constituents and advocate for progressive policies.

With his background in media and a strong political presence, Kinew brings a unique perspective to the provincial leadership.

As Manitoba’s premier-designate, Wab Kinew’s journey from musician and broadcaster to political leader is a witness to his ability to connect with people and effect change in his community.

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Wab Kinew Siblings: Is Nahanni Fontaine His Sister?

Wab Kinew, the newly elected premier of Manitoba, shares a special bond with Nahanni Fontaine.

In one of Kinew’s Facebook posts, he mentioned Nahanni Fontaine as his sister.

Fontaine is a Canadian provincial politician who has served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba for the riding of St. Johns in the 2016 and 2019 elections.

Wab Kinew siblings
Wab Kinew with a politician Nahanni Fontaine (Source: Facebook)

Fontaine gained recognition when interviewed for the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network documentary series on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Taken, specifically the episode on Tina Fontaine.

Kinew and Fontaine advocate for Indigenous rights and issues despite their different political paths.

Fontaine is an outspoken advocate for missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit people.

She caused controversy in the House when she accused the Progressive Conservatives of not caring about this issue.

Fontaine was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and raised in Point Douglas.

She pursued her education at the University of Winnipeg, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in environmental development and a Master of Arts in native studies. Interestingly, she is also the niece of musician Vince Fontaine.

Together, Wab Kinew and Nahanni Fontaine represent a powerful force in Manitoba politics, using their platforms to bring attention to the issues faced by Indigenous communities.

Their shared commitment to advocating for justice and equality makes them essential voices in the province’s political landscape.

Wab Kinew Dad Tobasonakwut And Mom Kathi Avery Kinew

Wab Kinew’s parents, Tobasonakwut and Kathi Avery Kinew have significantly shaped his life and values.

Tobasonakwut, Wab’s dad, is a former local and regional chief and a professor of Indigenous governance at the University of Winnipeg.

His expertise in Indigenous governance has undoubtedly influenced Wab’s understanding of political systems and the importance of Indigenous representation.

Wab Kinew siblings
Wab Kinew father, Tobasonakwut Kinew (Source: Winnipeg Free Press)

On the other hand, Wab’s mom, Dr. Kathi Avery Kinew, is a respected policy analyst.

Her expertise in policy analysis has likely contributed to Wab’s understanding of social issues and the complexities of government decision-making processes.

Together, Tobasonakwut and Kathi have instilled in Wab a strong sense of social justice and a commitment to advocating for Indigenous rights.

Their influence can be seen in Wab’s passionate activism and dedication to improving Indigenous communities’ lives.

With their guidance and support, Wab Kinew has become a prominent voice in Canadian politics, using his platform to raise awareness about Indigenous issues and fight for justice and equality.

The values instilled by his parents have shaped him into the influential leader he is today.

In conclusion, Tobasonakwut and Kathi Avery Kinew have played instrumental roles in Wab Kinew’s life, providing him with the knowledge and inspiration to make a difference.

Their guidance and support have undoubtedly contributed to his success as a politician and advocate for Indigenous rights.

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